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Camellia : 3 weeks old : Little Miracles Baby Plan

Good morning everyone! I had a great birthday yesterday. Thanks to all my amazing friends and customers for the wonderful birthday wishes on facebook! Love you all so much!
I’m excited to share some images today of a very beautiful, precious baby girl. One of the most perfect babies I’ve ever photographed… LOL! 🙂
Okay, okay. … So I may be slightly prejudiced, since she is – in fact – my first niece. 🙂
I’m proud to introduce Camellia Lynne.

Isn’t she just the sweetest? I love the family portraits. And the ones of just her and her big brother, JP, are priceless. He is such a wonderful, protective, big brother. I must say, at only 3 years old, he really seems to be very accepting of the newest addition to the family. I didn’t sense any jealously which I’m sure makes my brother and sister-in-law very happy indeed!

I used an old wicker rocking chair that was a family heirloom, my dad had in the attic that I’ve never used before, and this old hand-sewn quilt I purchased a long time ago at an auction, that I’d also, never used before. I must say, I’m pleased with the result, but my favorites are the simple, close-up images. There is just such power in the fine features of a child’s face.
I also captured some really fun images of JP and daddy… my brother, Chris. These are pretty near and dear to my heart, since I know what a great dad Chris is and it’s evident in these portraits that JP clearly adores him.
My sister-in-law, Mariah, also got a great “Madonna” shot (as in the Mary and Jesus, not the singer) 😉 of her and Camellia together.

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