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Laura + Josh : Wedding Portraits : Emmons, MN

Laura and Josh were my first wedding of 2011. Crazy! I usually have a few early weddings, but not this year. They are all packed into the summer & fall months. I always get butterflies before I do wedding photos because I know just how important my job is. It’s not like you can really recreate the moments if something were to go wrong. (Another reason to hire a true professional… they have the know-how, connections, insurance and backup equipment in case it does!)

But back to my lovely bride and groom. Aren’t they just beautiful? They are going to have the cutest kids some day. *Wink*
I loved working with Laura because she’s so easy-going. Josh is a sweetheart too, and they have the best friends you could ask for. They are a bunch of light-hearted, fun-loving people that know how to kick back and have a good time.

The ceremony was at the Emmons Lutheran Church and the reception followed at the American Legion in Albert Lea, MN. I just love the pictures we took of the wedding party goofing around in the back alley of Main Street in Emmons.

They also had the cutest little boy/girl twins that were flower girl and ring bearer and I totally fell in love with them.

I look forward to sharing all the images with Laura and Josh soon, but for now, here’s a sneak peek!


P.S. I love the picture of Laura’s dad doing the chicken dance!

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Studio Improvements : Landscaping 101

Well, I just have to say that I really love the creative process of coming up with a concept and landscape design. I love shopping for the flowers and trying to find just the right colors, heights, textures… I even love the initial feeling of getting out my trowel and working in the dirt… but that moment is fleeting and soon I was left wondering… “Why on earth anyone would do this for fun???”

In this picture I’m smiling, but I was really wanting to curse the person that told me to use landscaping plastic… it’s such a pain to cut a hole in (don’t want to cut too big of a hole since that would kind of defeat the purpose) then try to hold the stuff back while digging… then try to fit the dirt in around the plant while the plastic is blocking the way and trying not to get too much dirt on top of the plastic.
Ugh! Hopefully it will all be worth it though! That’s what I kept telling myself as I slaved away. I got just over half finished and then took a break and finished the rest on Tuesday. I think it would have been fine if I had a competent adult to help me. Little Collin tried to be my helper, but it wasn’t exactly the help I needed. Luckily Andy took him to have some fun while I finished up. I did sort of have the hang of it by the time I got to the last four or five plants. LOL!
Enjoy the pictures! Once again, I was using the timer on the ones that I’m in…

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Jill & Brent : Engagement Portrait Session

When you are engaged, it is such a special time. It has this fleeting quality to it. You have set a wedding date, there is a time limit on how long you get to use that special word, Fiancée, for your loved one.
I remember using the word, fiancée. It felt so fancy, maybe even a touch pretentious, to use it. It was almost a little embarrassing to say because it was telling the other person something very intimate… that you’ve chosen this person to commit to for the rest of your life … you hadn’t done it yet and it was exciting and scary all at the same time to admit that you’re taking this huge leap of faith.
And so, I always relish the engagement sessions. I guess I will always be a hopeless romantic. And I always say, engagement sessions have all the romance of the wedding without all the stress of the wedding day.
I loved working with Jill and Brent. Jill, is, I must say, totally adorable. She loves, loves, loves my photography already and I just met her in person for the first time at the session… so she had me at the word “Hello.”
As for Brent, it took a little bit longer for me to get my “read” on him, but after watching him with Jill I can definitely see how they were made for each other.

I am excited to share these portraits also because I got to use my new porch, officially, for the first time. What do you think?

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Studio Improvements : Good to have friends

I’m so thankful for my friends. They are always there for me when I need a hand. And you probably remember the shoveling I did a month or two ago… trying to make a walk-way. I put that on hold while I waited patiently for my husband to have the tractor home because he insisted he could do it and it would be much easier.
Well, it seemed like everyone needed the tractor and they all had higher priority than I did! LOL! Good thing we are friends with Dave and Dawn Clausen who have a skid-loader that they very generously brought down and helped me finally move a significant amount of grass and dirt.
Dave and Dawn are long-time friends and Collin’s God-parents. They had me photograph their daughter’s wedding and are always happy to have us stop by and visit. Dave can always talk Andy into relaxing and having a drink. Which, believe me, isn’t that easy to do!
So, back to business.

Dave worked his magic while we watched from under the porch. Collin sure got a kick out of the commotion. I was so relieved to have it finally dug out so I could get started on my landscaping. (I think this might be one of those “be careful what you wish for moments” LOL! We will see!)
P.S. Collin was so cute, hanging on to Ruby for dear life in the one picture. He was afraid she might get run over. Awww. So sweet.

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Studio Improvements : The Roof Is Finished!

We were back at work again, this time putting the corrugated steel siding on the roof. It’s galvanized steel that was on my dad’s shop roof and so it’s been “aged” just for me. 🙂 Thanks Dad!
I helped Andy for a while on Saturday but we didn’t have enough pieces to finish the job. (He had estimated we needed about 6 sheets and I made sure to get a couple extra just in case, but still we came up a little short with all the angles.)
The guys went up to my parent’s on Sunday morning while I took photos for the Buckmaster family and then our good friend, Mark, came down to help Andy finish the job.
I am so happy with the look of it. I am just wondering how long it will be before I get Andy to cut those few pieces of siding that need to go on the corners… *wink* (but I’m not going to nag after all the hard work he’s done for me in the last month)

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$.99 Personalized Father’s Day Cards!

This is a great chance to get a high quality, personalized Father’s Day card that I wanted to pass along to my clients.
Tiny Prints is running a $.99 Father’s Day card promo!
They do some amazing press-printed cards. I ordered one for my mom for Mother’s Day and it turned out AWESOME!
The code is GC99 and you won’t find it listed on their website. Only affiliates like me are sharing this deal.
I will even help you with the ordering process. If you want to use one of your photos from a session I have done, just shoot me an email.
The offer ends 6/6/11 so hurry and order your 99 cent card today! They even have a great feature where they will send it directly to your recipient for just the cost of the stamp! How easy is that??!
Well, just wanted to share!