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Ryan + Christine : Wedding Portraits : Humboldt, IA

This wedding was held on my 30th birthday, June 25th. So I knew it was going to be a great day from the minute I woke up! 🙂
Some people might think it’s odd that I’d want to work at a wedding (all day) on my birthday, but in my opinion it’s one of the most fun things I could possibly do! I mean sure, out of any of the different types of photography I do, it’s definitely the hardest/most work… but it’s also one of the most rewarding because I’m being given a great privilege. I am still honored every time someone requests me to take their wedding portraits.
…Back to the wedding at hand…
It was a beautiful day! Absolutely perfect weather. The ceremony was in Humboldt at Faith United Methodist Church. It has a nice, open sanctuary and a nice, simple alter. They even changed the wall hangings to coordinate with Christine’s chosen colors! I thought that was pretty awesome.
After the ceremony, this very casual, laid-back wedding party rode on a flat bed trailer pulled by a pickup truck. After a stop at their favorite down-town bar, The Prowler, they were ready for some more fun photos! (The Prowler is pretty neat, by the way, they have doors that open so that it turns into an open-air bar and with the pool right next door there’s a cool breeze… plus, don’t forget the bubble machine! What’s more fun than bubbles??)
After a round or two of drinks, we headed on to some prime Humboldt hot spots for more portrait fun!

For the reception, the couple chose Rustix Restaurant, also in Humboldt, which provided a delicious dinner and amazing atmosphere.
It was a very fun reception, and the wedding party was so welcoming I could have stayed all night, but my feet were hurting and I was ready to head home.
Thanks to Ryan and Christine for making sure I got cake on my birthday… (even if it wasn’t technically a cake for me) 🙂

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Bria : Senior Portraits

I am always in awe of the beautiful girls I have walk through my door for senior portraits. I just don’t remember any of my classmates being this gorgeous when I was a senior. Sure, there were the pretty, popular girls, (that didn’t include me!) but I think girls are definitely maturing faster these days and they sure know how to style their hair and do their makeup.

Bria here is no exception. She is an amazingly mature young lady that took control of her own education and decided to finish her high school career by taking all her courses online. I am impressed, simply because to be successful doing something like that you would need an endless supply of self-motivation and most teenagers probably couldn’t handle that responsibility.
I can’t wait to share these pictures with her and her family.

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Miranda & Brandon : Engagement Portrait Session

Another amazing couple visited my studio last week! It’s just been puppy love like crazy around here!
Miranda is just adorable. She’s so petite and ever since I’ve known her she’s always looking cute with her makeup and hair done.
Her fiance isn’t hard on the eyes either! He’s a hunky farm boy and I’m guessing she thinks his tractor’s sexy… heeheehee. 😉

Sorry, that was totally corney! LOL! … there I go again! I just can’t stop.
Seriously though… they are going to make my job so hard. They just take too many dang good pictures. Love it!
Guess it’s a curse I’ll have to bear.

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Kelly and John : Engagement Portraits

Can you feel the love??? I just adore engagement sessions. It’s all the love, without all the wedding day pressure. (Or the super-tight dress!) 🙂 Who can really breath in those things anyway? Glad I didn’t live in the day when you wore a gown all the time. I’m not sure I could have survived.
Anyhow, back to the task at hand. Focus, focus! I haven’t been working much this week as I’m attempting to take a vacation since our daycare gal has the week off for her own vacation.
But, today I have my parents watching the little guy and I’m catching up a bit and needed to show off some great images from Kelly and John’s engagement session.

Aren’t they just cute? I can really tell that John’s just head-over-heels for Kelly. He looks at her with such love, it is sooo sweet.
If you like these, stay tuned, I have more engagement pictures coming up and a senior…. and next week is chock full of sessions, so there will be lots to share!

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Rachel : Senior Portraits : Albert Lea High School Senior

I just love this girl! Isn’t she a doll!?

I met Rachel a couple years ago when I took her family’s portraits before Christmas… and now look at her! She’s so grown up!!!
I just loved all her cute outfits that she and her mom had pulled together. With just the right shoes and just the right jewelry, any outfit looks so much more fashionable!
Rachel also brought along an entourage of friends. I thoroughly enjoyed Abby and Ashley’s company too! I can see why the three of them hang out together. I had a blast!

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The Carlson Kids : On-location session with Baby Chicks

I just loved this session! It is the kind of session that I really started my business to do. It’s shot all on-location with a story to tell.
The family had ordered these adorable baby chicks (and you might recognize Ruthie from her newborn portraits) and it was time for Ruthie’s 3 month portraits. So we were able to have some fun and get some great shots of the kids.
Personally, I love all those “blooper” type of shots. Don’t you? The one of the little brother putting the chicks on his older brother’s head is a favorite of mine… that and the one of the little guy thinking about dashing out of the group picture. Just priceless!

Anyhow, I hope you feel the same way… and if you do, give me a call and we can brainstorm a portrait concept that would make your family portraits even more personal and unique!

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The Covert Family : Maternity and Family Portrait Session

This family has been on my blog a few times before. I had the pleasure of photographing Brett and Karie’s engagement, but I was out of luck on their wedding, as I was already booked that weekend. And then I had the honor of taking little Gracie’s newborn portraits almost two years ago now. So I was very happy to get the phone call from the radiantly expecting, Karie.

I just love this girl! She’s an art teacher and has such a beautiful free spirit about her that is hard to put into words. I just think she seems so peaceful and happy all the time.
Little Gracie is growing up so fast, and she’s just a little fireball! 🙂 Maybe she gets that from her daddy! (Right, Karie?)
I love kids this age as they are so expressive of their emotions and it all shows on their faces.

We had our work cut out for us on that hot, hot day… trying to take maternity portraits of Karie, 2 year old portraits of Gracie, and then family portraits as well. Whew! But it was nice and cool in the shade at Myre-Big Island State Park in Albert Lea, MN. It’s a good thing we scheduled the appointment for when we did because it was that day at 4 pm that all the Minnesota Parks were shut down due to the congressmen not being able to settle on a budget. (Just another reason I’m proud to live in Iowa now!) Hahaha!

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Jasmin & Drew : Wedding Portraits : Central Gardens, Clear Lake, IA

Jasmin and Drew had a beautiful summer day for their June 18th wedding ceremony held at Central Gardens in Clear Lake, IA.

I am sure this radiant bride was more than just a bit nervous planning an outdoor wedding, but she sure got lucky! It was just a tad on the hot side, but that was definitely better than the rain we’d been experiencing.
I had the pleasure of photographing among these beautiful gardens full of colorful blossoms. It definitely made my job more fun. It was nice to have several different locations to take family and group portraits. I have dozens of beautiful shots of Drew and Jasmin, it will make it difficult to choose for the album.
The reception was just as intimate of an affair as the wedding ceremony, but still held in high style at the Clarion Inn of Mason City, IA.
Jasmin created the most amazing hand-made candles for favors tucked in cute little craft paper boxes and labeled with a monogrammed stamp. I just love home-made finishing touches.
I can’t wait to share all the images with this bride and groom. But for now, enjoy this sneak peek!

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Jackson : Six Months : Baby’s First Year

I love my repeat clients more than I could possibly convey in written words. They are what keeps me in business and without them, Rebecca Lynne Photography wouldn’t be possible.
This sweet little guy, Jackson, is the son of a couple I did wedding portraits for in 2009. Don’t you just want to eat him up? He is just such a handsome little devil.

I had a great time taking his newborn photo session, but this last session was definitely more fun. Full of laughs, smiles and funny sounds. It just got me more excited to look forward to his one year session. That will be even more fun I’m sure! I’m thinking I might have to buy him a cake!!! 🙂
P.S. I almost feel a little guilty for taking so many good pictures! 😉 I mean, I don’t know how his mommy will choose! I love her though. She wrote me and said “I hope you know, this isn’t going to be easy!” (It’s a good problem to have, I figure!)

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