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Jacque and Mitchell : Engagement Session

I just love taking engagement photos! Two adults, in love… they are just the perfect subjects! They take directions well, easy to tease a smile from, and they are just so gosh darn happy when they walk out the door. LOVE IT!
I am sharing my latest engagement session today. It’s a great couple from Rudd, IA. Jacque and Mitchell. Aren’t they adorable! I am jealous of Jacque’s long blonde hair and thin figure!!! And to top it off, she’s super nice. How fair is that??? 🙂 LOL!

I was just getting to know Mitchell, so I don’t have as much to say about him other than he’s a farmer and I know I like farmers. (My dad is a farmer, my brother, and uncle are all farmers… and lots of the best, most generous people I know are farmers)
I also enjoyed getting to use some of the new backgrounds I have available to me at the location we’re renting for the duration of our home-building process. It’s an amazing spot! And I have so many more ideas in store!

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Brielle : Newborn Portrait Session

I was so blessed to have my dear customers, Ryan and Christine, (who honored me with the opportunity to photograph their wedding last year) ask me to photograph their new baby girl!
Like usual, I’m always excited to photograph a newborn. They are a bit of a challenge and can be pretty time-consuming the day of the session… but they are sooooo worth it!
Every single one of them is a little miracle and I always hope and wish for the continued opportunity to photograph all their first year portraits. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting to do all of Brielle’s since her parents have been so thrilled with the work I’ve done in the past.
(And it blows my mind a little bit because they live like an hour away… I still don’t realize that I’m worth it most days.) 🙂
So this little angel was a little hard to get to sleep at first. Mainly because she got a nice long nap on the drive up. Luckily, my experience with newborns serves me well… and with some patience and a nice bottle of milk, it was back to dreamland for Brielle. Heheehee.
It was Friday before Easter when I photographed these, so I just had to take a couple with this sweet bunny ears hat my mother-in-law crocheted for me. And just for kicks at the end, when I sensed she was ready to wake up, I posed her with this pink alarm clock I’ve got… and she did the perfect expressions.
Although, my favorites are still the more simple images.


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Dayne : 6 Month Session

It’s that time of year again! Dayne’s back for his 6 month session and we sure had fun.
His mommy is an art teacher in Austin, so we did these really cute ones in a onesie she’d brought that says “little artist” and then I had the brainstorm of using the white paper background we could draw on. (I also ran in the house and borrowed Collin’s markers and paints. Hehee.)

I gotta say, it was a lot of fun taking Dayne’s portraits. He was pretty much all smiles and had the whole “sitting up thing” down pat.
He adored my little vintage pickup truck. He just leaned over and hugged the thing! 🙂 What a little man!
I just love this cute little chunky baby stage!

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The twins are back and 6 months old!

Leah and Emma are back and they are cuter than ever! I was happy to have them visit the studio again for their second session in my “Little Miracles” baby plan.
These twin girls are so, so cherished by their mommy and daddy! I love seeing the parents of twins work together. They don’t have an option. They just HAVE to. Although, I think Wes would have been a pretty hands-on kind of daddy, either way.
He could get those girls to smile so easily!!! I don’t know what he was doing behind my back, but whatever it was, they found it to be hilarious!
For the family images, I had my work cut out for me. Trying to get all four of them to look good at the same time was a challenge. Although Wes and Katie take directions pretty well, 😉 it’s hard because it seems like right when the one baby that wasn’t smiling decides to break into a grin is right when the other parent feels the urge to adjust a dress… or something like that! LOL! But it’s ALL good!
I found it amusing, mainly because they warned me Emma’s going to be my challenge… that she is pretty discriminating on who she smiles for. And for the first few minutes, that was true… She definitely has perfected that disapproving frown. 🙂 haha!
But then, it was like a switch was flipped and she decided I was alright after all, and from then on, she was all grins.

There were so many great images. It was very hard for me to narrow them down as much as I did. I don’t know how they will choose; from the best of the best. Glad that’s not my job!!! 🙂

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