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Little Black Dress Event : The Island : Clear Lake, IA

Join me tomorrow night, Thursday, May 31st, at The Island Bar and Grille in Clear Lake from 6:00 pm – 9:00 pm. I will be donating my time at the Little Black Dress Night.

This fundraising event is all about getting dolled up in your little black dress, strapping on some sexy shoes, and enjoying a fun night out in support of the American Cancer Society (Cerro Gordo County) and the University of Iowa Children’s Hospital.

The event will feature celebrity waitstaff, a live & silent auction, sexy shoe contest, karaoke, and a NYC streetscape photo-op with yours truly; Rebecca Lynne Photography!

I felt the need to say “Yes!” when one of my favorite customers, Christina Maulsby asked me to volunteer my time. Her son, Quentin Maulsby, has greatly benefited from the Children’s Hospital this past year and I just knew I had to help.

Celebrity waitstaff will serve a special drink created just for Little Black Dress Night, called the “Little Pink Drink”. They will be working hard for tips that will be donated to the charities. This year’s celebrity waitstaff includes: Shane Delany, Jared Devries, Troy Elwood, Amy Fleming, Tim Fleming, A.J. Feurbach, Ed Halbach, Tom Kirby, Joe Malone, Eric Perry, Savannah Reading, Gwen Seiwert, and Beth Tuttle.

The event will be emceed by Jared Allen of KLSS.

There will be a $10 donation at the door to join in the festivities.

For more information, please visit the KLSS website at:

I love opportunities where I can give back to the customers and communities that give so much to me by supporting my business.

Hazel : 8 Month Session

Another one of my “Little Miracles” baby plan members was in the studio recently for her 8 month session, Miss Hazel.
She has changed so much since her 3 month portraits and we had a lot of fun dressing her up in all the cute outfits her mommy brought for her.
I love the simple cream colored top with the pink leggings… she was so happy and cozy. Don’t you love this expression?

Then we had the beautiful yellow dress, which she sat up in and held her hands in her lap just like a princess! It was so sweet.

Her mom is so cute and trendy in her gray/yellow striped top and bright yellow jeans that we had to do a picture of them together! LOVE THIS!
And of course, we always have to do a little tutu and a bloomer shot. Her expressions are priceless!


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Carys : Two Year Old Portrait Session

The little cherub was back from D.C. again. Visiting Grandma! She’s as cute as ever, but not quite the little chunk she used to be. 🙂 Remember those cute rolls she had? Not so much, anymore. Oh well! Babies grow up. 😦 It’s the truth. It’s a good thing because that means they are healthy, but it’s also bittersweet because we will miss that sweet innocence that fades with age. That’s why it’s so important to take lots of pictures that first year and then keep taking professional portraits once a year after that. (Even after they start school and they get that BORING school portrait…ugh. What does that say about WHO they ARE???) … sorry! off my soapbox. 😉
This family has been awesome, diligently visiting the studio three times during Cary’s first year and once a year after that. Luckily, they are expecting another baby so I will be getting to start the process all over again! YAY!
Check out Miss Cary’s images. We only did two outfits this session. It’s usually not feasible to do much more than that with a two year old. They are just wanting to go, go, go… and they don’t quite take directions (that well) yet.
These are usually my most high-energy sessions. I’m using my creative brain-power as fast as I can to figure out what background and props will work best as far as looks, and function goes… I’m constantly moving things in and out, trying to find what holds their interest. Because I know my window of opportunity with a two year old is very short.
Carys took a liking to a little American flag I had lying around (unfortunately it didn’t coordinate with her outfit, but in b&w it works!)

Once we weaseled that away, I managed to get a few more without it before we decided to switch over to her favorite outfit.
They are big Giants fans, if it wasn’t already obvious. 😉 I love the way the blue looks with her eyes and I had the perfect football for her to play with.

Daddy got in on these images, especially since this is the first time he’d been to the studio… we had to capture some professional daddy and me portraits.
I think these would work awesome in one of my multi-image collages.

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Brooklyn : 7 Months Old

Brooklyn was back in the studio for her portraits. I always recommend the parents have their babies photographed three times in the first year. Once, as a newborn, once as a chubby little baby that can sit up independently (6-8 Months) and again for their one year session.
Little Brooklyn here wasn’t quite sitting up yet and her mommy was just so excited to get her portraits taken again, that she just couldn’t wait any longer! 🙂
That’s okay, because she did a great job and we still got some really fun images.
I love the one with her pink monkey shirt where she’s grinning really big. Her face looks just like the monkey on her shirt.
Then the ones in the tub were just sort of an inspiration I had… which I’ve done variations of before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had mom blow bubbles… which added a nice touch!
And the funny little expression where she’s checking out the rubber duckie!!! Priceless!
Then there’s the tutu and the pretty dress… ugh! She’s just so stinkin’ cute! I had a really hard time picking a favorite for the proof book cover.

I’m just glad I got so many smiling, laughing pictures because at first, all she did was kind of scowl at me and look at me with this really distasteful expression. 🙂 I think she was trying to decide if she liked me or not. I was all over the place, working my butt off to get her to smile. Glad she decided in my favor!

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