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Cassie + Jason : Wedding Portraits

Well, today I’m supposed to be uploading some more images to my site for people to view their proofs, but it’s temporarily down because I had to make a simple hosting change. … long story.
Anyhow, so I had a minute to stop and think about what I COULD upload… and I remembered I hadn’t blogged for a little while!
So here you go! Some gorgeous wedding images from a recent wedding held in Scarville, Iowa.
The bride was looking fetching in her amazing dress, and I loved the vintage-looking jewelry she purchased from Etsy.
I enjoyed working with this crazy wedding party. I’d shot some of the guys before in another wedding … so they all felt pretty comfortable being themselves around me.

After the ceremony, they rode in a bus and stopped at the park in Fertile, Iowa. There, the water was much lower than usual since it’s been pretty dry this year. Lucky for us, it allowed the wedding party to stand out in front of the waterfall created by the dam.

Soooo pretty!

Then, it was time to head to the reception! They did a great job decorating the Ventura Community Center for the event!

I loved the little touches Cassie added to personalize the reception location. And who wouldn’t love this cake topper! High Five!!!


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Alli : Alden-Conger High School : Senior Portraits

Hi there! I’m just trying to play catch up today! I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and trying to keep on top of things… shoots, proofing, ordering, packaging, phone calls, emails, facebook, blog… it all adds up!
Luckily, I made a great choice this year, sending Collin to a daycare in Northwood so I wouldn’t have to run him to daycare after pre-school which has been a total life-saver! (Especially since he goes 3x week now, not just two.)
I told myself I was going to start hitting the treadmill again now that I have to run into town, but my workload hasn’t allowed it quite yet. I have high hopes for next week though! My butt will be fat soon if it doesn’t get out of this office chair! … although I do tell myself I have been doing lots of sessions and house work in my off time (staining and painting) so I have kept pretty active. But it’s not a good replacement for some good, hard cardio… they say it helps you work (focus) better too.
Ahhh… enough about my life. On to more fun things!

Miss Alli here was all sorts of fun, with her mom, Kris at her senior photo session. I had a great time seeing all her cute outfits.
She has the BEST smile! All teeth! No holding back! I didn’t pick many serious looks for her proofs because that just wasn’t her style. Although I’m sure a bunch of her friends will love them.

Alli here is a huntress like me… so I was pumped when she said she brought along her shotgun. She is a young Tiffany Lakosky!

It was also interesting to find out she’s a tough cookie too! She’s pitched SIX, that’s right, I said SIX, no run games! What a woman!!!

Well, back to the not-so-fun parts of my job!

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Greve Family : Northwood, IA

I’ve known this gal, Myra, for a long time. We are in a study club together, called Interse, and I’ve always enjoyed her sense of humor and spirited personality.
She had the whole family down for a gathering a few weekends ago and asked me if I could come over on my Saturday afternoon to take their portrait together. I happily obliged and was glad I had the day free. I do offer weekend sessions… they cost a little bit more ($30 weekend premium) added to the base session fee, but they are worth it if that’s really the only time you are able to get everyone together.
I didn’t always have to charge extra, but since I had my son it requires a little extra planning and running him to a babysitter and I just feel like my weekend hours are extra valuable because that’s the only real good opportunity I have to spend with my family.
Anyhow, back to Myra… We started with some on their front step, since it was in a nice, shady, evenly-lit area and offered some flexibility with posing. I LOVE this one of her and her hubby. You can really sense how young at heart they are!

Then I worked on the different family groups. Myra wasn’t sure at first if her boys would want to do those, but I told her even if they didn’t want it, I was pretty sure SHE would. 🙂 And since we were all together, dressed up, and I was there anyway it only takes another few minutes to do them. So simple!

Luckily she said she didn’t have to lean very hard to get them to agree. I love the image of her two grandchildren!

And, of course, the big family portrait! The biggest challenge was trying to get all the men to smile at the same time. 😉 Good thing wonder dog, Morgan, was so well behaved!


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