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Paige : Senior Session : Albert Lea High School

“There’s a lot of pretty girls in this city, there’s a lot of pretty girls in this town…” Love that song! I just started thinking of it when I began this post because I have had so many beautiful girls from Albert Lea, MN this year! Must be something in the water, as they say.
Lovely Miss Paige here is no exception to the rule. She is simply gorgeous without trying very hard. I couldn’t hardly tell if she had makeup on, she just radiates a natural beauty.
I’ve known Paige and her sister for a while now… ever since I discovered their little boutique in the upstairs of their parent’s furniture store, Brick Furniture.
I was there looking for a mattress for Collin’s big boy bed and I had to just browse around at all the eye candy they have. (I love how they arrange their store, and their window displays always, ALWAYS, catch my eye because Kari picks out some great items.)
Anyhow… in the store there is a loft, they call BG Loft (Brick Girls), where they created a shopping area full of great tops, dresses, scarves, jewelry, and belts that I go ga-ga for every time I visit. They carry a limited supply of each item, which I really like because then you know you’re not going to run into a lot of people with the same thing. (What can I say, I like to be unique!)
But, back to the portraits….
I have so many great options for Paige to use for her yearbook, which was the main focus of the session.

Her mom encouraged her to choose some classic sweaters and then after that, she did a more fun, ivory top. And I have to say, those are my favorites, but I love them all!


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Leah & Emma : Newborn Twin Girls : Little Miracles Baby Plan

Are you ready for a serious dose of sweetness??? I just wanted to warn you because you might get a toothache. These two are just so sweet, I wanted to snuggle with them all day long!
Little Leah has the cutest cheeks, she gets those from her daddy and Emma has the little chin and pouty lips from her mama’s side.

Can you tell them apart? It’s really not that hard.
I just love the pictures of them on the little bed with their matching hats that their mommy brought along.

I am almost glad I didn’t know if I would be photographing boys or girls until the week before, because that would have given me enough time to spend way too much time and money ordering matching girlie things.
But, once I knew they were both girls, I was rifling through all my hats trying to figure out what I had that would coordinate… not that you always have to match with twins… but it’s nice when you’re trying to do a wall collage.
I’d been wanting to try my hand at making flower clips for headbands for a while, so I got out my sewing machine, glue gun, ribbons and fabric scraps and whipped up several coordinating options. (I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!) 😉
Well, back to work.

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Mason : 6 Months Old : Little Miracles Baby Plan

This little stud-muffin has changed a lot since the newborn session I shared not so long ago.
I tend to recommend parents wait until their baby starts sitting up well on their own before doing another baby session. That way you can really see a dramatic difference in their portraits.
Mason’s mommy had lots of clothing options for him, and I have to say, he really was a trooper through all the changes.
My favorites are the ones in the baby legs and the stocking hat. I loved when the hat kind of fell over his face and when he was chewing on the tassels.

I also loved the ones with his daddy’s sunglasses. I caught one of him peering over them at me. (I can see him checking out the ladies like this in the future!)
Oh, and the cute little farmer look with the pumpkins turned out really adorable on my portrait porch.

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Katie & Ryan : Austin, MN : 09.24.11

This sweet couple had a beautiful fall day for their wedding. The ceremony venue was Our Saviors Lutheran Church in Austin, MN. It is a place I’ve photographed several times before and felt very comfortable shooting in… although they had made quite a few changes to the church since I was there last, with which I was very impressed, I must say!

The wedding party was looking very unique: the guys in old-school tuxes with bowties and tails… and the gals were lovely in these flowy, blue gowns.
It was a very touching ceremony with the highlight being the music. Their vocalists were Michael Veldman and Erin Schumacher of Austin and they were AMAZING!
Also, Ryan’s college professor… “Wild Bill”… was there to play the organ as well as many of Ryan’s Luther grad friends to support him that day.
We had plenty of fun after the ceremony, stopping here and there taking photographs of the wedding party and then we headed down to Carpenter, IA for the reception at the Community Center.
Ryan is an owner of the Big Tones DJ service, so those guys were on their toes, making for a very fun night to be had by all!

The decorations were gorgeous, created by U R Invited of St. Ansgar, IA.
And the cake, was another blast from the past… a multi-tiered, bridge-connected, fountain-bearing source of sugary sweetness. I just love it when the couple shoves cake into each other’s faces!!!

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Ellie & Alex : Engagement Portrait Session

I’m excited to share the images from my latest engagement session with you. It has been truly beautiful around here the last two weeks. I have a ton of trees that turn colors and they make fall a very photogenic time of year at the Rebecca Lynne Photography studio!

This gorgeous young lady, Ellie, just so happens to be related to me through my husband. And so I’ve known her over 10 years now, but haven’t gotten to spend all that much time with her before now.
All Ellie knew… was that she loved LOVED my images! 🙂 I was touched by how adamant she was about having me photograph her wedding.
And I’m really enjoying getting to know her better and hearing about her wedding day plans. It’s so much fun to create a “vision” for the day… and it really helps when your photographer has a good understanding of that vision ahead of time so they can capture it fully.

The day we took these portraits, it was pretty windy and I was a tad worried about Ellie and her long hair getting blown every which way. But she was so cool and laid-back about it all. She was like, “No biggie, I can put my hair in a ponytail”… my kind of girl! 🙂
Anyhow, I just wanted to say, before I sign off… that I really like Alex and know he will be a great match for Ellie. Seeing the way they interact with each other and all the cute faces they’d share, makes me feel really good about their upcoming marriage.

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DenHartog-Marty Wedding : 09.03.11 : Clear Lake, IA

I wonder if you’ll remember this cute couple from their engagement session, posted not too long ago. They were very comfortable in front of my camera then, so I knew we would have plenty of fun on the wedding day.
The blessed event was scheduled to be outside at Central Gardens, a beautiful venue I where I had a wedding earlier this year… so I already had a good idea of what I had done before and what I might do different this time around.
The weather was pretty iffy in the morning, with the scattered rain showers and clouds looming, but when the couple arrived for portraits prior to the ceremony, we got lucky and were able to get some great shots of them together.
Then, it started raining! Ugh! 😛 And you know, a girl does not want to get her hair wet on her wedding day. Especially after she paid good money and spent an hour or more at a salon getting it just right. So, off we ran, to hide under the umbrellas and the slightly sheltered area under the pavilion deck.
It wasn’t long before we had another break in the weather and we hustled to get some shots of the wedding party, and a few family portraits before we were hit with another shower.

Thank goodness, we had one more break in the weather when we were able to finish up the family portraits before all heck broke loose and it really started raining.
Good thing I’m a very laid-back, go with the flow, kind of person, because that kind of thing would have drove other photographers crazy! LOL!
Luckily, the lady who is in charge of unlocking the pavilion for events, noticed the weather and had the insight to come an hour early to unlock the building because it was really starting to get wet.
While everyone crossed their fingers and waited for 4pm to arrive, I kept myself busy taking some neat close-ups of the rings and the details that the bride and her mom worked so hard on.
They really embraced their astrology themed wedding. Check out these amazing programs! Folded and cut in the shape of a crescent moon! Everything had such personalized touches. The bubbles had tons of little star stickers all over them, her nails were navy blue with silver tips and rhinestones…
and the cake, oh my goodness!!! It was awesome, half sun/half moon, with all the astrology symbols in medallions around the side. Their placecards even had hand-drawn constellations on the back. Very cool!

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of my brides and the personal touches they take the time to create to make their wedding day even more special for everyone involved.
Unfortunately, come 4pm, it was still raining and not looking like it was going to end anytime soon… so the wedding party and close family packed up, messaged friends, and headed to the reception location at Best Western for the ceremony.
While it wasn’t what Kelsea and Troy had hoped for as far as the ceremony location, it was still a beautiful service. In the comfort of the ballroom, the couple exchanged vows and everyone was able to enjoy the reception decor.

After the ceremony, the rain stopped, and the wedding party was able to take a fun trip around Clear Lake, IA on the vintage trolley. A perfect end to a wonderful day!

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Dayne : Newborn Session : Little Miracles Baby Plan

You probably remember this lovely family from the maternity session I posted in July. Well, the little guy finally decided to arrive over a week past poor Karie’s due date.
But, he is a healthy, happy baby boy. I just love being able to watch their family grow up through my photographs. First, I did their engagement… followed through with Gracie, and now little Mr. Dayne.

Isn’t he just the sweetest. I adore the simple images, of just a baby, without a diaper, lying on a blanket… although the little bear hat is pretty darn cute.
I am so blessed to have this family as customers, I appreciate them so very much.

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The McManus Family : Dubuque, IA

One of my great friends from Austin, MN moved to Dubuque, IA after her husband was tranferred with his job. It’s not easy maintaining long-distance friendships in this day and age. Even though it seems easy enough to keep “updated” on facebook, you still can’t beat a good ol’ phone call or better yet… an in-person visit!
I was lucky enough to find a weekend that worked for both of us, where I was able to drive down (sans Collin) to have a nice visit. We also were planning on taking some family portraits since it had been over a year since we’d been able to do that… and also to celebrate the fact that they ADOPTED a son! 🙂
This little heart-breaker stole their hearts last year before Christmas when they were sent the first picture of him. He was a little baby in an Ethiopian orphanage then, and now he just turned 1 year old and is a very lively toddler!!!

I felt so blessed having the opportunity to document this amazing moment in their lives. I know how badly my friend hoped and prayed for a new member to be added to their already wonderful family. I am so thrilled that their adoption went along so smoothly and they have a happy, healthy boy. He is totally adorable and has the BEST laugh!
His big sister, you might recognize from previous posts if you followed on the old blog… she is just as pretty as ever with her long dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. I just love her gorgeous eyelashes.
She is also very smart and loves to “read” books. She has dozens memorized and it won’t be long until she really is reading them.
I hope my friends love the images I captured for them, I sure put my heart into this job.

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