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Heather : Glenville – Emmons HS Senior

I photographed Heather’s sister a while back… oh, was it four or five years now? I can’t remember without looking it up. I think it was five.
What I do remember is how much fun I had with her older sister, April and their mom. I was thrilled when they called me earlier this year to get the ball rolling on scheduling their senior session.
Heather is very photogenic. She has such a sweet face and a great smile! It didn’t take her long to warm up to the idea of being in front of the camera.
I loved all her fun outfits. Her prom dress was AMAZING! Very unique. But my favorite is the one where she surprised me by offering to climb the bin ladder in her dress and boots! Glad she did!

Wish I had time to write more, but I have three senior sessions, and a wedding on the computer to proof… and I have three new seniors and a family session this week so I have to keep ahead of the curve!

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Taylor : Mason City High School : Senior Portraits

Taylor here is absolutely beautiful! She was very excited for her senior session and she totally rocked it out. I loved her little sequined shorty shorts. 🙂

And we had a great day for doing some in the field of flowers with her cowboy boots. I love this image of her throwing her head back laughing. I also got a really cute one in the same pose, looking at the camera that’s sure to be a favorite.

I brought her into Northwood to do something a little different with her volleyball uniform. They have a sand pit and it’s just a fun change because they always get the shot in the gym each year… and I do plenty of the sports images that are neat in the studio… but this had more of a realistic feel to it, which I love.
Back to work! Lots more images to proof and more to share! Check back soon!

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Ashley : Mason City High School : Senior Portraits

I’ve gotta say, I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the van full of clothing and instruments Ashley arrived with on the day of her senior session.
She had her mom and boyfriend in tow to help unload it all and we rolled up our sleeves and got right to work! Or fun, I should say!
I was glad I have accumulated so many backgrounds over the years because I needed quite a few for the thirteen, yes, I said THIRTEEN outfits! 🙂
I guess it’s unlimited, after all! LOL!
I can’t say that I regret offering an unlimited session, because it’s girls like Ashley that are really invested in making their senior portraits special that drive me into that creative zone.
I just love playing around with portraits of guitarists. Ashley had some beautiful guitars and I love the studio shots we created, but the country girl in me adores this one with her acoustic guitar out in the flowers.

Funny story with these shots… Ashley is wearing a butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings, and a butterfly ring… and you wouldn’t guess, but a tiny lavender butterfly landed on her finger while we were shooting this. It didn’t want to leave either. It landed on her guitar strings and everything! Pretty awesome senior portrait experience if I do say so myself! 🙂

Check out all the awesome pictures in the slideshow! There’s more musical ones… the banjo with the speeding train is another one of my absolute faves… and the ones of her on point in her ballet shoes are rockin’ too!

Such a talented and beautiful girl!

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Jordan : Mason City HS : Senior Portraits

Well, ladies and gentlemen. It’s full scale, high school senior portrait season around here at the Rebecca Lynne Photography studio!!! I’m pleased to share my first ’13 Senior blog post.
I know, I know… some OTHER photographers have already been posting seniors for a month now… well, I say poo! 🙂 I believe all good things are worth the wait, and who really wants to be the first kid to get their portraits taken?
I mean, when I was a senior… I wanted to hang out with my friends for a month, have time to go shopping, get a tan… just relax for a while.
Plus, usually it’s still kind of rainy and windy the first half of June. (Although we haven’t seen much rain this year!) I don’t know about you, but I think rescheduling is a pain in the rear end.
*sigh* If only I could control the weather! *another long sigh*

Fortunately, the senior girls I have gotten so far seem to be women of steel! I admire them for looking ever-so-glamorous as I fan them and warn them not to glisten too much! He,hee. Just kidding! (except about the fanning part… I do that! Full-service studio, you know!)
Now, Jordan was no exception to this rule. She was ready for the heat, and I think she made that summer day even hotter! Gotta love this girl’s exotic features. She reminds me of a young Eva Longoria.

We also had a great time taking some shots in her volleyball uniform. She has such a fun personality!

P.S. When I asked Jordan ahead of time, what outfits she had planned, she mentioned an “incredibly beautiful grey crop top” and I figured it would be some embellished top… LOL! I guess sometimes the obvious is not so obvious! 😉

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Mandy & Justin : Family Portraits

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 5 years since I stood in the sweltering July heat, on 7-7-07 as a bridesmaid in my good friend, Mandy’s wedding. It was really, a beautiful day. Hot, but beautiful at Schell’s Brewery gardens. Did I mention it was hot??? 🙂 LOL! I was probably a bit hotter than usual since that was the summer I was preggers with Collin. Luckily, that worked out just right since I still looked good in the bridesmaid dress… Collin wasn’t due till January.
I’m happy to say Mandy and Justin have stuck together through the ups and downs of life and the challenges we all face as newlyweds. It’s not easy. That’s for sure.
They are happy with their family of four… their two dogs, Sammie and Molson (aka Mo).
Who knows, maybe someday soon there will be a two legged addition??? LOL! Who am I to tease? It took me 5 years of marriage before Andy and I were ready for kids.

I love all the fun, playful images we captured.

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