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Urijah : Little Miracles Baby Plan : 6 Month Session

Little Urijah here gave me quite the shock when I got to see him for his 6 month session! He’s grown a ton!
Don’t you just want to squeeze those cubby little cheeks! 🙂 Listen to me. I sound like a grandma! LOL!

Urijah’s mommy has all these great ideas and also has a very crafty mother herself. So Urijah’s grandma created some really cute personalized onesies for our photo shoot. Check out her facebook page: Grandma-sew Sweet
I love the football one, but I ADORE the Christmas one! And guess what?! There’s more to come… I am making this a two-part post because we did a “double session” to get some for his older brother’s 2 year old images and a few sibling images with his older half-sister too.
And check out his Clark Kent glasses! Totally adorable! His mommy told me he just loves to wear these things at home. He’s totally stylin’.


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The Lynne Family : Fall Harvest Portraits

Well, you know when I’m busy when I don’t post anything on my blog for a week and a half!
Sorry to keep you hanging! I just wanted to post a few images from a recent portrait session I did for my brother, his wife and my little nephew, JP, who will soon be a big brother!!! YAY yay YAY!
I get to be Auntie Becca to two adorable little Lynne kiddos. 🙂 Can you tell I’m excited??
For this family session, I wanted to do something to capture fall and the “harvest vibe” since my brother is finally starting to break into his dream calling of farming.
I also have been feeling a little positive pressure from g-pa and g-ma to get some new images for them since I hadn’t taken any for about a year! OOoops! My bad!
Guess there’s a lot of truth to the old saying that the shoemaker’s kids have holes in their shoes.

I am so happy to share these with you today, I wish I had more time to ramble on about how proud I am of my brother, his family, and how much I adore my little nephew JP because I totally would.
He’s getting to be so grown up. (*tear*) It’s amazing how my son and him sure seem to act like best buds when they are together (even though we don’t see each other nearly as often as I’d like to).

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Meier-Kline : Wedding Portraits : Little Brown Church

This adorable couple was originally thinking they really wanted to have a very simple wedding. Kelly’s mom said they were talking about just having a justice of the peace marry them, so she did some quick talking to persuade Kelly and John to reconsider a church wedding.
I’m pretty sure that they are glad she did, because they ended up choosing the Little Brown Church in the Vale in Nashua, IA.

I had never photographed there before and was looking forward to seeing the church in the middle of the country where they’ve held over 73,500 wedding ceremonies and about 400 weddings annually! Crazy!
The pastor, James Mann, gave a great, short sermon and we were in and out in less than an hour, but it was still very moving and meaningful. It was simply beautiful.

The weather that day was absolutely ideal for their outdoor reception that they held in her parent’s back yard.

Kelly and her mom created lovely fall-themed decor and instead of a traditional cake, she had yummy cupcakes in flavors like red velvet and pumpkin spice. MMmmmmm!!!

Her dad is on a competition BBQ team so they had the best smoked pork I have tasted all summer. The casual food paired perfectly with the casual atmosphere and after dinner there was a little bonfire held by Kelly’s childhood treehouse.
What a perfect ending to a wonderful day!

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Erika : Newborn Portrait Session

This little cutie came my way via a gift certificate I donated to the “Get Your Pink On” golf tournament’s silent auction. I always like to help contribute to the local community as much as I can because without my customers, this business I enjoy so much wouldn’t be possible.
So little Miss Erika here didn’t particularly want to fall asleep for me, so we got some great shots while she was awake being held by mom and dad. Then, I told them to go sit down, take a break while I worked my magic getting her to sleep. Let me tell you, when you let a newborn’s parent know they are able to take an hour off while someone capable monitors their baby, they are pretty darn happy to oblige! 🙂
I just love it after I get the baby snoozing and place them perfectly in the basket and the mom comes peeking around the corner and says “That’s amazing!!!” It’s the best feeling ever. (And believe me it takes experience to accomplish. The first few newborns I photographed were not easy!)

Don’t you just love how cute she looks in this bucket? And the alarm clock is set to the time she was born. 🙂
I will be sharing another newborn girl again soon, but for now, enjoy little Erika!

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Lila : Austin High School : Senior Session

Just wanted to take a minute today to share a quick session I did for a senior from Austin, MN that was trying to take just a few portraits for an image for the yearbook before the deadline hit.
I get a kick out of these girls that come to take these kind of sessions, you know they are dying to do a full-blown session because of all the clothes they bring! LOL! I always throw in an extra outfit for fun, just because that’s more my style, anyway.
… and those are always my favorites… remember the last post and I loved Paige’s third outfit… well, I’m lovin’ Lila’s hot pink shirt. So simple, yet, looks amazing! LOVE IT!

P.S. Keep checking back! Next up, TWO newborn sessions!!! I know you love those babies!

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