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Walker Family Portraits : Clear Lake Photographer

When I got a call from this gal about taking her family portraits she made one thing clear, her kids and husband were not going to be real thrilled about having to get off their boat and get dressed up to take a new family portrait.  I know all about that feeling.  My husband equates getting our family portraits taken to going to the dentist or visiting the doctor for his annual physical.  Something he knows he needs to do, but not something he will pretend to enjoy.  LOL!  Even if it is a lot less painless than he makes it out to be.

I reassured her, I had this covered.  We had discussed what I thought would be a good location to get a nice uncluttered (the hard part) view of Clear Lake on a late summer afternoon.  I made sure to be there ahead of time to make sure the location was going to work as I had planned.  I was thanking my lucky stars that it worked out because if I remember right it was a Friday afternoon before a holiday weekend so everyone and their brother seemed to be out on the water or enjoying the public parks.

I am thinking it was really only a 20 minute session, tops, because when you have full grown children, it’s much easier to get everyone posed and looking at the camera.  (Although I’ll admit sometimes it is the older children that surprise me with how much attention I need to spend making sure they’re listening.)

I made sure not to drag things out and they were happy to be on their way back to the boat so quickly.  I think I even heard one of her boys say it was actually kind of fun.  (Who would’ve thought?! *wink*)

The best part is that the mom was thrilled with the results of our photoshoot and now has a lovely updated family portrait to hang in her home.  Gotta love those happy customers!

Are you thinking it’s time to move out that family portrait you had taken for the church directory and your youngest who is now almost in highschool was only a toddler?  Better give me a call and I’ll tell you all about the amazing experience you could have with your family here at my studio.


WalkerJ-003 16x20 WalkerJ-006 WalkerJ-010 WalkerJ-017

Cora : One Year Portraits

This is another sweet little honey’s first year photo shoot.  I was so excited to have little Cora in the studio because her mommy is a dear friend and she’s totally laid back so I knew if I had an idea or outfit/prop combo I had in mind I knew she’d be down with whatever I had planned.

For Cora I made a special little flower to clip to a headband that coordinated perfect with my DIY chenille pastel flag bunting.  I have a bunch of these cute lace petti-rompers that are super stretchy and actually seem quite comfy for the little girls to wear at my studio… and they’re just so stinkin’ cute!!!

Since her mommy’s family is HUGE Nebraska Cornhusker fans, we ALWAYS have to do some cute pictures with red & white and so she had brought along this cute little cheerleader outfit and we had a ball with it.  We also did some with a football (I didn’t post since I already had so many favorites to share … but they were very fun!)

Luckily, Cora was totally fine with changing outfits because we had two more in mind.  A sweet, classic cotton dress that she seemed to love.  Check out the adorable pics of her on the angora rug grabbing her feet.  *sigh* I swoon when babes grab their little footsies.

Lastly a festive pink alpine sweater that her momma likes pairing with this cute gray polka dot bow.  I love her matching pink suede snow boots!  Need to find a pair my size!



MoritzC-002 MoritzC-010 MoritzC-012 MoritzC-014 MoritzC-022 MoritzC-026 MoritzC-030 MoritzC-035 MoritzC-037 MoritzC-041 MoritzC-045

Emilie : One Year Old

This little honey was featured on the blog as a newborn a while back and I never got around to sharing her one year session on the blog. It turned out so cute I just had to share it, even if I am a bit behind in doing so!

A little FYI tidbit: Emilie’s mom gives the best massages! If you ever want to book one, she’s the person to call! Now, she’s based right out of her home in Freeborn, MN and has a beautiful, professional massage therapy business. Here’s a link to her facebook page if you’re interested.

We started the session with some family portraits, and then did lots with just Emilie.  They are serious farmers and love their John Deere tractors so we HAD to get one on the pedal tractor in the cute pink tutu.  Her mommy got the cute personalized chalkboard designed through a shop on Etsy and I can’t remember the name of it, but if you want, I can find that out for you.  Or you could just do a search and you can find lots of options, if you’re planning a birthday party soon.

Wouldn’t it be fun to get one of those made each year (well, at least the first 5 or 6 years) and then display them all at a high school graduation party?  So fun!



NeubauerE-001 16x20


NeubauerE-014 NeubauerE-017 NeubauerE-018 NeubauerE-021 NeubauerE-028

First Birthday Photoshoot

It was time for my little man’s first birthday photo session and you know I’ve been planning this in the back of my mind for months now.  I had always envisioned it being this beautiful black and gold color combination and I’ve got to say I’m very pleased with the outcome.  It’s unlike anything I’ve seen.  I hate it when I feel like I’m just doing my own version of something I already found online.  This idea was totally original as far as I’m concerned.

I love the way he started chowing down on the cake!  Although I didn’t let him get quite as carried away as I did at his party because I knew I wanted to take a few more after this and the black frosting can really soak into their skin and leave some not-so-attractive marks that I didn’t want to have to Photoshop out of all his other pictures.

The “cake smash to bath” idea wasn’t original, I’ve got to give credit to Pinterest for allowing me to stumble across that genius concept!  I had all sorts of worries about getting the bath ready ahead of time and wondered if the bubbles would all disappear, but with plenty of baby wash soap and my kitchen sinks spray nozzle, I had some sturdy bubbles!  I also worried about the water getting too chilly, but it was actually a bit hot still so I just added some cool water I had for drinking in a water bottle and that made it just right.

Adding the rubber ducky and the rolled up towel just added to the storyline and it gave Henry something to play with while I got all the shots I wanted.  I loved seeing the water splashed all over the floor and I got a couple cute ones where I actually caught the splashes and a cute expression, but if I did it again, I’d try to get more of those.  🙂

All-in-all a pretty successful shoot if I do say so myself!  I was lucky to have an old friend and fellow photographer, Emily Hassing of The Sparkling Image to help be my extra hands as Henry is very mobile and I didn’t want him to tip out of the bowl onto his head.  Older brother Collin was also on hand to help me tease those smiles out of his little brother when he first seemed pretty hesitant about the whole idea.


Henry1year-026Bath2I just love this one, on it’s own…

Henry1year-032 And this one makes me swoon for some reason, especially with a vintage color effect added.Henry1year-051Rebecca