Life captured beautifully.

Engagement Portraits : Sylvara-Petersburg

I’m sharing a few portraits this morning from a recent engagement session I photographed for a couple from Clear Lake, IA.
The bride had heard about me through friends at work (she’s a nurse at Mercy) and the groom was in a wedding I photographed last summer.
Once I heard that, I was like… “Oh, well, you’ve seen me in action, you’ve spoken directly with my past customers, this should be a no-brainer!” LOL! Right?! Like I would ever say that. (Well, I thought it anyway.) 😉
At first they decided maybe it was a little beyond their budget to go with me as their wedding photographer and booked with someone else. But after an unfortunate experience with that person, it wasn’t long until they contacted me again.
This time they were convinced the old adage, “you get what you pay for” was indeed true and sometimes you need to just go for it and invest more than you had originally planned, but if you know you will be happier in the end, you’re much better off.
I know they will be thrilled with these great, relaxed portraits. Don’t they look so in love???

They also brought their baby, Lia. She’s a chocolate lab and a very sweet dog. I love this image of them with her.

I can’t wait for their wedding coming up in July!

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