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The Thorson Family : Indoor/Outdoor Studio Portrait Session

I am just going to make this a quick post as I have plenty of work to do, and I just wanted my customers to know I’m not one of those photographers that thinks they need the luxury of taking a week or two off during the holidays. Heck, my kiddo is going to daycare, I might as well be making money! 😉 And the thought of anyone having to wait that long for a response to a question or to place an order makes me sick. It must be that same gene that inflicts the mom-guilt. LOL!
Back to the Thorsons… so believe it or not… but this family has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER had their family portrait taken! Can you believe it? Tragic, I know!
(Collin’s only three, and although I can take professional portraits myself I have still already had four other professional portrait sessions for our family)
I am a firm believer in having portraits taken once per year. This is easier to do when you have a baby in the family, because they are changing so fast, but as they get older it’s a good habit to keep. Simply because you never know what life has in store. Life is way, way, too short sometimes and I want to make sure I have plenty of up-to-date pictures of my loved ones to look at and reminisce about the good times. (Even while we are all still living to enjoy them.)
Anyhow, I digress. So, this adorable family was in dire need of some family portraits, and I must say, we got all the bases covered! We have some great, fun images of the kids together… a priceless picture of mom and dad… and a great shot of everyone looking like they are very happy.

Don’t you just love them?!

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Rossmiller Family Portraits

I’m sure anyone who has tried to coordinate a family portrait (beyond just their immediate family, especially) can tell you it is tricky to make sure everyone is dressed the way you were hoping. In a way that no one individual person draws more attention than the rest… but that can be hard.
That’s when I like to suggest the “Black and White Factor.” LOL! I love black and white images for the way they take out all the distracting colors and draw your attention straight to people’s faces and expressions… but it also gets rid of any strange wardrobe color choices, if you know what I mean!

But even in color, I think these portraits rock. I must tell you, none of these kids acted like they really wanted to be there at first (or most of the men either!)
Well, I fixed that problem fast! I am still not sure what happens when I am in charge of running a camera… but it’s like an incredible hulk moment… I turn into a total goofball, comedian, who isn’t the slightest bit afraid of making fun of herself or teasing the people she’s photographing (usually they deserve it for misbehaving… usually this is adult men).

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Wilkie-Tweed : Wedding Portraits : Oakland Lutheran Church

This couple is so cute! They are like opposites as far as looks go, with his red hair, fair skin and blue eyes and her dark hair, brown eyes and gorgeous darker complexion. (I just think Jill is so exotic looking!) 🙂

I had a blast at their engagement session early this summer so I knew we’d be sure to have fun at their wedding. I was pretty disappointed that the weather didn’t cooperate for outdoor portraits because it was cold – which we can deal with – but it was also very windy! UGH! Nothing ruins a good outdoor session like wind that whips around so much that you can even find a place blocked by it. Alas, I still kept checking and after formals got lucky and the wind was quieted enough to snap a couple quick outdoor shots of just the bride and groom before, whoosh!, up it came again and we hustled back inside.

The colors for Jill and Brent’s wedding were blue and black and they pulled it off, amazingly well. I loved the huge bouquet of white roses Jill had. It looked AMAZING and I’m pretty sure she got all the flowers and decor from Jolene at Accents in Alden… at least it looked like her work. She IS the best decorator around!!! 🙂
The reception was held at the American Legion in Albert Lea, MN and they sure had that place looking magical! I am a huge fan of the round paper lanterns that have been tremendously popular the last few years. They are just so festive!

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Quentin : 2 years old : Children’s Portrait Session

This post features little Quentin, who just celebrated his 2nd birthday and has the little brother featured in the previous post. They are both just the sweetest little boys. I mentioned the cute Christmas outfits their grandma made for them… aren’t they darling?!

She even made a cute option for their older sister and managed to make it look very adorable… which is not an easy task when you’re trying to create something like this for that tween age.
She’s going to have a booth at Christmas by the Lake in Clear Lake this weekend, so check out Grandma-Sew Sweet!!! I always wish I could go to the Christmas by the Lake event but it’s always the same weekend that I go deer hunting with my husband so I miss out. Hope you can make it!
I also took some portraits of Quentin in a classic ivory sweater his mom picked out for him. LOVE THIS! So timeless and will look awesome hanging on the wall in any room with any decor!

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