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Paul and Linda : aka Dad and Mom : Family Portraits

Well, guess what?! Today is my Mom’s birthday! How fun is that?! I just had lunch with her and my dad to celebrate and I was happy to tell them that I finally finished proofing their portraits that I took earlier this fall.

They were sooo patient with me! I love them so much. You know the old saying about the shoemaker’s kids have holes in their shoes… well, the photographer’s families don’t have as many professional pictures as they should either!
I was happy when my dad asked if they could come down for a session because my mom and him have both been so good the last couple years about exercising and eating healthy. My mom especially has really transformed her body and lost quite a bit of weight! I’m so proud of you, MOM!
It’s only appropriate that we update their old portrait together from 4 years ago.
I just love how these images turned out. My mom has such a great smile and my dad is the biggest sweetheart ever. I can see that in these pictures. Love you both! Happy Birthday Mom!


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Bushbaum-Kuhlemeier Wedding : 09.08.12

Today I’m sharing a few images from a recent wedding I photographed in Rockwell, IA. The bride, Jacque met me at the Clarion Inn of Mason City when Formalities held the Wedding Expo there last January. I am very thankful I did the show that day, because I am so glad I got to capture Jacque and Mitchell’s wedding day. It was absolutely beautiful!

They chose to hire me for my Cinderella Collection, which includes enough time to get lots and lots of fun and crazy images at the reception. I was so tired when I was done for the day, but I had a blast because these guys knew how to party!

I really enjoyed their great exit from the church in the HUGE John Deere tractor… holy cow! I’ve photographed brides and grooms leaving on tractors several times before, but I’m pretty sure this one tops the rest in terms of sheer size!

My favorite part of the night was when they did the garter, and Harry O’Neal their DJ for the night, did the great switch-er-roo to the poor blind-folded groom and put a guy in the bride’s seat… I’ve seen it done before, but oh, my gosh, Mitchell was working it so hard blindfolded before he touched that hairy leg and reality hit, that I was laughing so hard, I’m lucky I didn’t pee my pants!!! I was seriously that funny.

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Renner Cole : Newborn Portrait Session

This adorable little bundle of joy is the newest addition to Megan and Ryan’s family… a couple that I photographed their wedding in 2010.

This picture makes me laugh because Renner looks like he’s thinking “God, you gave me THESE two for my parents???” LOL!
Teasing, teasing!!!
I was very excited when she told me they wanted to come back for Renner’s newborn session. I just loved working with both of them in the past.
Renner was 13 days old when we took these and he fell asleep like an angel!

I still love seeing the newborns in these cute little hats with the long stocking tail… so sweet! And in my little bed, it’s perfection!


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Karrin : Glenville-Emmons High School : Senior Portraits

I had the honor of photographing Karrin’s older sister, Karissa, way back in 2007 for her senior session. Now, it was little sis’s turn! And boy, did this girl bring it on!!!
I LOVE the fun basketball images we got. She loves this dribbling picture.

And this ivory lacy top was my favorite indoor outfit with this awesome attitude pose.

Then we went outside and did some fun ones in her cute yellow sundress! LOVE LOVE LOVE this one where she’s laying in the grass.

At this point in the game, it gets harder and harder to make each senior session unique… but I think we knocked this one out of the park!
P.S. We did a sisters portrait back in 2007 and again this year… Karrin sure changed! Glad her mom had me do that picture for them back then.

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Michaela : Newman Catholic High School : Senior Portraits

Well, I just counted them up, and I did portraits for seniors from 11, yes, I said ELEVEN different high schools! That’s crazy! I know, if you live in/near a city, that probably doesn’t sound like that many… but when you live in Podunk, IA like me, 😉 where the closest town’s population is less than 2,000 and the nearest “big” town is less than 20,000… you appreciate little facts like these!
It was a huge “validating” moment for me to count those up… mainly because I know just how choosy my seniors are that come to me. They REALLY care about what their senior portraits look like. They are very EXCITED and fully INVESTED in making the session fun and unique.
I only wish I had the time to do in-person premiere viewing appts so I could see their reactions when they see their gallery for the very first time. But I get plenty of ecstatic texts soon after to reassure me of their happiness… that and requests to put images on facebook ASAP!
Anyhow… back to the task at hand… I need to share some new images with you. These are actually a bit on the older side since I got behind on sharing so I’ll just keep this short and sweet.

Michaela here is the first Newman Catholic Senior I’ve photographed (I think…) She is simply stunning.

Her long dark hair and dark eyes photograph well, and I didn’t have any trouble getting her to crack that killer smile of hers.

I had the privilege of meeting her boyfriend and taking a few portraits of them together as well.


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The Carlson Family : Portrait Session 2012

Well, I’m sure you’re familiar with this family if you follow my blog. Miss Ruthie was featured quite regularly over the last year and we’ve done a few family sessions in the last few years too!

I love working with these kiddos. They are naturals in front of the camera and they are so familiar with me now, that they pretty much treat me like an indulgent aunt that loves to photograph them.

This time around, we met at their place and they had the cutest litter of kittens to play with.

I also got those key shots of each child on their own…

and also a nice family portrait…

but of course, Dawn and I both adore the “imperfect” images!


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Alaina and Savannah : Children’s Portrait Session

I’m excited to share a recent portrait session with yet another happy customer, visiting the studio with their second child. I photographed Savannah a while back, when she was in her first year, and little Alaina was due for her turn in the spotlight!

Savannah is a very energetic young lady so it was a bit of a challenge to get that “perfect” shot with her younger sister… who is also on the move now. We did get some where they are both looking at the camera, but my absolute favorite is this one of them looking at each other and laughing.

We also took plenty of individual portraits of the girls to document this stage of their lives… Alaina had lots of cute clothing changes. I love the little aqua dress with the tutu skirt.

One image of Savannah’s from the same age that they really loved was this image where she was looking down at a block with the letter S. We were able to capture something relatively similar with Alaina, which is really lucky because you simply can’t tell a 6 month old what to do… how to sit, etc.

They are definitely different, that’s for sure, but that’s the beauty of photography. It is capturing a moment in time that can NEVER be repeated, no matter how hard you try.

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Sam : LeRoy-Ostrander High School : Senior Portraits

This young lady was a lot of fun for me to photograph because I felt like I knew her a little better than most of the seniors I take portraits of.
She wrote to me earlier in the summer, asking if I’d mentor her for one of her senior projects where she shadows someone in a career she’s interested in. Of course, I was happy to help and we met a couple different times… I gave her my best to get a “Big Picture” of what it’s like to be a portrait photographer… and the many aspects of my job.
She also go to shadow me on a fun family photo shoot and see me in action.
I love helping young people pursue their passion. We all need to find out what it is that we really love to do, and then figure out how to use that to create a service that will bring us the fulfillment we long for in our careers!!! (Okay, off my soap box) 🙂
So, since Sam here, loves photography, she wanted to do some images with her camera… a nice little number, I must say!
But my vision, to create something a little more artistic… I had her wear one of her dresses and I borrowed her a cute vintage Kodak camera I adore, and go stand in the long grass… I just feel like the picture tells me a story. Maybe it’s a little bit of fantasy, but it’s so cute if you ask me!

She also talked her dad into retrieving their t-top Camaro from their cabin to pose with… I loved, loved that look! Since it was an older model, having her wear her letterman jacket gives the images a retro feel.

Can you tell I love that vintage look???
She had some other cute outfits too, you’ll have to check out in the slideshow below.

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