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Jill + Brent : Anniversary Session

Do you recognize the cute couple in these images? You should. Their engagement and wedding images were featured on the blog a year or two ago. Jill is one of my favorite clients for the reason that she is a great “cheerleader” of my business. If you ask her who to use for professional photography, I know she would always say my name. Gotta love that!
Also, it’s just so much fun for me to maintain a life-long relationship with my customers and I look forward to photographing their future together.
This session was mainly in place to add a few new images in their home and give as holiday gifts, but also to create Christmas Cards to mail to all their family and friends.
Here’s what the front of their card looked like. Isn’t it pretty?
It’s really a good idea to plan ahead when you want to do holiday cards/gifts.
We photographed this session in early October (and booked it about 6-8 weeks before to get her ideal time with the leaves changing color), which is just right for the end goal of holiday gifts and cards. It gives me plenty of time for proofing the session, scheduling the ordering appointment, designing the cards, and picking up the order in time to mail out the cards and frame & wrap the gifts.
Aren’t these two just so adorable and sweet together? I love that Brent is the kind of guy that is totally okay with all the pictures Jill likes to take of them, because having those images is such a treasure.







Brooklyn : One Year Old : Child Portrait Session

If you’re a follower of my blog, I’m sure you’ll recognize this sweet face!  It’s little baby Brooklyn, looking all grown up at her first birthday portrait session!

I adore my customers who come for newborn portraits and sign up for “Baby’s First Year” because I get to develop such a close relationship with them and hear all about the trials and triumphs of their child’s first twelve months.  (And often times the years following.)

This session we captured some in a little black corduroy dress with Brooklyn by her first pumpkin since her birthday is close to Halloween.  


Then we changed her into a cute Iowa State cheerleader outfit and did some with daddy and played in the leaves.  Don’t you just love how the red and yellow work with the fall colors?


Next, we went inside and did a couple more outfits and ended with the insanely fun birthday cake images.  A friend of theirs made this huge cupcake for Brooklyn’s portrait session and I love how the colors go so well with the little onesie her mom picked out and then I added the cute little leg warmers with the polka dots to tie it all together.  





Casey : Senior Portraits : Northwood-Kensett High School

This lovely lady was in one of my very first family portraits I took “professionally”. I had a Canon 35mm film SLR (the EOS Rebel X) and I only had an on-camera flash, and we did it at her grandparent’s home just a few miles from my studio. It was a classic family portrait by the fireplace. Everyone in their Sunday best.

I remember how adorable her older brother looked in his winter sweater, and I already photographed his senior portraits in 2009, and now he’s been asking about wedding portraits (crazy, right?) … but right now it’s Casey’s turn in the limelight.

She was this sweet, shy little girl, and now she’s transformed into this lovely young woman and it makes me so proud to know that after all these years, they still feel like my photography is their favorite.

It just humbles me so much, knowing I’m able to share this gift I’ve been given (professionally) for over a decade now with families. To have that kind of history with a client is surely a gift itself.

For Casey’s senior session, we took some cute indoor portraits and then moved outside to take some images with her gun. I have a great tree house that looks like a log cabin way in back, that I don’t bring many customers to, but it seemed like it would be perfect for the portraits we were trying to create.

On the way back, Casey spotted the cute kittens we had running around by the barn. They are very tame since I have a little boy that loves to play with them and she scooped one up and cuddled it close and with my lightning fast reflexes, I went “click” that was one of my favorite images from the entire session.







Brielle and Carter : Children’s Portrait Session

This adorable pair are the children of a past bride & groom, just like Aubrey from my post earlier this week. I guess you know you’ve been around a while when your customers are coming back with babies… I already have photographed babies of past high school Seniors as well. I know! … Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

This couple comes all the way up from Humboldt, IA to have me continue to take their family’s portraits. Talk about a loyal, happy customer. Must be doing something right. *wink*

I love these kiddos. I have really enjoyed seeing Carter mature over the last couple years from a toddler/little boy into a “big boy” and adoring older brother. His mommy shares the sweetest stories about things he does on her Facebook page.

With repeat customers it’s always a bit of a challenge to make sure you stay within the style they already know and love, but come up with something new and interesting. I think we did just that with these images. And it’s so nice to have a consistent “look” in your family portraits… they all hang on the wall so nicely together and you can mix and match portraits from different sessions and have them all look amazing together.

I don’t know how some people do it… jumping from photographer to photographer… that would be hard. Not knowing what to expect. Don’t you worry! Call me up. 507-383-2344 I’ll take good care of you. So good, you won’t want to leave. 🙂
NielsenB-003 8x10



NielsenB-037 11x14

NielsenB-041 11x14

NielsenB-050 8x10


Aubrey : Family Portrait Session

I was really thrilled when one of my past brides, who lives out in Vancouver, Washington emailed and said they’d be coming home for a visit during August and wondering if I’d be available to photograph their family/daughter while here.
Of course, I made sure I had time! When someone wants you to photograph them that bad, I’ll move mountains to make sure we can make it happen.
The session went well. Aubrey was in a great mood. She had mastered crawling not long before their visit and already loved standing while holding onto daddy’s hands.
Her mommy had picked out a pretty dresses. I love the one of her peeking out of the tissue paper pom-pom blossoms. So sweet!
And of course, she had to represent mom and daddy’s alma mater, Iowa State.


Christine + Jeff : A Love Story Session

Happy Monday to all my blog readers out there! I’m sharing some images from a fall session I photographed for the parents of one of my ’12 seniors, Lila. Her parents have been together for a looong time! I want to say 20 years? If I remember right. (Sorry, it’s been a few months since I heard the story, so Christine, feel free to comment if I get something wrong.)
They had Lila together, their only child, and just have been “non-traditional” in the whole “marriage thing”. I’m guessing that kept the spark going… calling someone your boyfriend, significant other, etc. is a little more “fun and young” in my opinion… but there is definitely comfort and a nice ring to the words “husband and wife” if you ask me. 😉
It’s not my place to judge anyone’s life decisions, and you shouldn’t either because it seemed to work just fine for them! But I’m happy to announce that they finally decided to “get hitched!” Of course, they went “non-traditional” with a mid-week wedding and Christine wore the chic light blue lace sheath and Jeff, the linen suit you see below.
I adored working with them and if you scroll down and see the images from the session we captured of Christine and Jeff, you can definitely see they still have that spark, even after tying the knot!