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Carys : One Year Old : Toddler Portrait Session

I have seriously enjoyed working with this little sweetheart and her family over the course of the last year to capture all her milestones.
You just don’t realize how fast time flies until you have kids or are close to young children, in my opinion.
It seems like time is just dragging on until you see a child you haven’t seen in a while and you’re amazed at how much they’ve changed and you realize just how much time keeps changing things. Maybe I’m getting a little too philosophical here! 🙂
So, we met again to capture one-year portraits… and I just have to say that this little darling has the best wardrobe around. I think she honestly has more shoes than I do!
Isn’t this ivory dress just amazing? She looks like a Rembrandt painting. Her creamy skin is perfect. I didn’t do a bit of retouching.
The little pink petti-romper is a new prop of mine that I was dying to try out. She totally worked it! LOVE LOVE LOVE her little chubby legs.
The leg-warmers are also mine… we made an impromptu ballet bar and she just posed like a prima ballerina!
I make this look easy, but it wasn’t easy getting her to stay in one place for long. She’s not walking yet, but she sure is speedy on her knees! I just had to get a cute crawling shot to remember it.
And finally, I love the little white dress with the pink polka dots. I got the best closeup in that outfit. Don’t those sweet little blue eyes melt your heart?!
(Absolutely no photoshop on those suckers… I don’t like to mess with way people’s eyes look naturally… guess it should be expected since I use the slogan “Real.Life.Photography”.)
I really hope you enjoy! I know I sure did!

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Baby Evelyn : Newborn Portrait Session

Little Miss Evelyn’s mommy and I have been working together for a while now. Since her older brother, Easton was just a newborn, I think. It’s hard to believe he’s two now! Where does the time go?
Last week, we captured some new portraits of Easton for his second birthday, and some of the whole family with the newest addition to their family: Evelyn Faye.
Honestly, I was a little worried having to shoot photos of Easton, the whole family, and newborn portraits all at the same session. I figured we’d wear the poor little girl out by the time we got to her individual pictures and/or we’d have to be tending to her while trying to get Easton’s pictures taken… but Evelyn was just a dream! She waited patiently in her carseat while we tried to coax her big brother who was in a spunky mood 🙂 into loving on his puppy toys.
I have to tell you… I’m so thankful she was able to be there, because she had her whole family and friends worried for a while. Little Miss Evelyn was born on 1-11-11, and surprised everyone by coming 6 weeks early. She had to stay in the NICU for 4 weeks before going home. Once home, she was gaining weight and thriving like a normal newborn baby for about three weeks until she suddenly became sick. She contracted RSV, Pnemonia and had a bacterial blood infection all at once and ended up on life support.
It was a very scary time and there were lots of prayers sent.
Thankfully, she came home on March 31st and we were able to schedule a newborn (3 month) shoot not long after that.
She is such a little angel and she definitely had angels looking out for her, so we had to use my angel wings in a picture. Also, she’s such a little peanut… so I dug out this old scale that I purchased over a year ago that I never used yet to create a really neat vintage-y shot. Like it??

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Quentin : Toddler Portrait Session

This little guy was so sweet! He is the son of a college friend of mine that recently moved back to Iowa. Good ol’ Iowa! *wink*
Anyhow, his momma has been talking with me about newborn photos and capturing their soon-to-be-born second child’s first year. She mentioned wanting to do some individual portraits of Quentin at the newborn/family session and I suggested maybe that it would be a bit too much to do all at once. I told her I could do it, but maybe it would be less stressful for her if we did Quentin’s ahead of time, so we could focus more on the baby at the newborn session. Luckily, she wholeheartedly agreed to the idea.
Looking at the proofs now, I’m so glad I suggested it. He really had a fun time at the session and got to have all the attention focused on him. (Lord knows he won’t be quite so lucky after the baby arrives!)
I loved the cute little outfits they chose for his session, and I had the perfect chairs/props to bring the look to perfection. Including a John Deere riding tractor!
Another little perk of doing it ahead of time is that it turned into a mini maternity session too. Doesn’t she just have the most beautiful pregnant glow!? I love the silhouette of her lifting up Quentin and you can see her round little belly. I can’t wait to meet Quentin’s younger brother/sister!

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On top of trends : Continued

Today I’d like to share the second great product I just found that I’d like to share with my clients. Now, I don’t know about you, but I loooove jewelry. It’s just such a fun and easy way to dress up or add character to an outfit that might be just ordinary without that finishing touch.
In the past I did offer some photo jewelry options that were kind of neat. Charm bracelets, necklaces with photo pendants and a few other things… which I never really pushed because it was just something that I worried would tarnish or break too easily. They just weren’t top of the line products, and I had seen a few vendors that were providing a more high-end product the price was just too outrageous to justify adding it to the line. Also, I just felt like, as a follower of the fashion trends, this wasn’t something I’d really want to wear if I was dressing up to go out.
So, when I stumbled across Tinker & Art, I was thrilled. Using your photograph as direct inspiration, they create a silhouette of the image and hand craft a beautiful custom necklace.
I think they use just the right amount of artistic and technical interpretation to design a piece I’d be proud to wear as a conversation piece. Talk about a statement necklace! 🙂 I LOVE IT!

Most importantly, I feel like these are going to be really high-quality works of art because they are crafted from 1mm thick sterling silver (925) so they will stand the test of time.
These necklaces would make a great Mother’s Day gift too! Best of all with a price tag between $110-184 for a piece from their collection, or $249 to have your own custom design created, I don’t think it’s overpriced.

What do you think? Let me know! I love feedback from all my fans out there.
Have a great day!

On top of trends : Rebecca Lynne Photography

As a professional photographer who is making a living running a boutique-style studio I feel it is extremely important to stay on top of trends not only in photography, but also in fashion and interior design. This is a relatively enjoyable task for me considering these are two of my top passions, right after – you guessed it – photography! LOL!
The first product I’d like to share with you are some amazing new frames that are very unique. I haven’t seen anything like it in retail stores yet, but as you will see… they are awesome… and I’m sure it won’t be long until there are dozens of copycats… but these guys are among the first and I’m going to wager among the best to offer this type of custom product.
The company is called Organic Bloom and I believe a customer of mine mentioned them to me and soon after, I noticed lots of little facebook ads featuring them. I immediately “Liked” the page last winter and inquired about becoming a distributor for them early last winter. Right away, I wanted to strip my walls and update them with new portrait art featured in these incredible frames. But, since I had just updated with several large gallery wraps just a couple months before, I’ve been holding out… but not much longer. They are just the coolest. Don’t you agree? (Let me know in the comments or on Facebook)

I love the stacked frames, where there is one fit inside another. It adds so much interest to the presentation. I know, I know, in the past I have been all about the simple, timeless black frame… but I really think these will stand the test of time. At least in my home.
I haven’t really offered any other styles until now because I found it a little pointless for me to try to offer a product that could easily be duplicated for much less through a store like Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places – btw) 🙂 But this, this is what I am always craving for in my boutique business. Something totally unique.
And the best part, they are really well priced! That’s the cherry on top, imo. I am always willing to pay more for a unique, custom product… but when they’re priced competitively, that’s when I want to sing!
So, there you go. I have blabbered on enough about these great frames. Stay tuned for my next post to find out the second product I’m dying to share. Here’s a hint… custom jewelry!!! (Unlike anything you’ve seen before!)

Rob : Senior Portrait Session

I am really pumped to share these images because when Rob’s mom first called me, she said I would probably only be photographing her son in a couple outfits… if we were lucky. LOL! Sounds about normal, right?
So imagine my surprise as Rob pulls one shirt after another out of his duffel bag. Oh, and he brought a couple guitars and an amp! Gotta love it!
The weather that day was gorgeous and was totally lifting my mood and we spent almost two hours shooting before we gave in and called it good.
I even tried out a new “location” at my studio, let me describe it to you. *Blush* Uuhhh, yeah… so last year I just so managed to burn up a large part of our yard by *cough* accident… and that event left a really big, really cool hollowed out stump (which I want to add, was already dead from being struck by lighting).
Well anyway, I’d had it in the back of my mind to use it for pictures ever since, but I just was waiting for the right person to take advantage of the opportunity.
I knew right away that Rob and his mom were totally laid back and up for anything. I laughed when Rob told his mom “Just let her do her thing!” LOVED IT.
Anyway, here you go!

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Ruth : Newborn Portrait Session

I was thrilled to have a newborn girl in my studio. It seems like I’ve been photographing boy, after boy, and as much as I love my boys… it’s nice to be able to use all my cute headbands, flowers and blankets.
So I was totally pumped to hear that Ruthie’s mom wanted me to photograph her daughter as a newborn. We scheduled the appointment as quick as we could because Ruth was already a month old and I always recommended newborn session be done within the first 10 days… but like I’ve said before… it’s never too late to get some great portraits taken.
We just had to work extra hard to get Ruthie to sleep, but when she finally did… AHHH!.. Magic! I was totally pumped about using these old windows I got at the Painted Porch in Medford, MN. I bought them last fall and never could make up my mind how I wanted to use them. I had lots of ideas but just never committed to any of them, and now I know why. This picture needed them! So shabby chic. *grin*
I love, love, love baby girls. I am starting to want one… they make me so happy. And shopping for them is soooo much fun!
Okay, okay, I will go before I babble on any more.

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