Life captured beautifully.

Leah & Emma : Newborn Twin Girls : Little Miracles Baby Plan

Are you ready for a serious dose of sweetness??? I just wanted to warn you because you might get a toothache. These two are just so sweet, I wanted to snuggle with them all day long!
Little Leah has the cutest cheeks, she gets those from her daddy and Emma has the little chin and pouty lips from her mama’s side.

Can you tell them apart? It’s really not that hard.
I just love the pictures of them on the little bed with their matching hats that their mommy brought along.

I am almost glad I didn’t know if I would be photographing boys or girls until the week before, because that would have given me enough time to spend way too much time and money ordering matching girlie things.
But, once I knew they were both girls, I was rifling through all my hats trying to figure out what I had that would coordinate… not that you always have to match with twins… but it’s nice when you’re trying to do a wall collage.
I’d been wanting to try my hand at making flower clips for headbands for a while, so I got out my sewing machine, glue gun, ribbons and fabric scraps and whipped up several coordinating options. (I think I did a pretty good job if I do say so myself!) 😉
Well, back to work.

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