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Greve Family : Northwood, IA

I’ve known this gal, Myra, for a long time. We are in a study club together, called Interse, and I’ve always enjoyed her sense of humor and spirited personality.
She had the whole family down for a gathering a few weekends ago and asked me if I could come over on my Saturday afternoon to take their portrait together. I happily obliged and was glad I had the day free. I do offer weekend sessions… they cost a little bit more ($30 weekend premium) added to the base session fee, but they are worth it if that’s really the only time you are able to get everyone together.
I didn’t always have to charge extra, but since I had my son it requires a little extra planning and running him to a babysitter and I just feel like my weekend hours are extra valuable because that’s the only real good opportunity I have to spend with my family.
Anyhow, back to Myra… We started with some on their front step, since it was in a nice, shady, evenly-lit area and offered some flexibility with posing. I LOVE this one of her and her hubby. You can really sense how young at heart they are!

Then I worked on the different family groups. Myra wasn’t sure at first if her boys would want to do those, but I told her even if they didn’t want it, I was pretty sure SHE would. 🙂 And since we were all together, dressed up, and I was there anyway it only takes another few minutes to do them. So simple!

Luckily she said she didn’t have to lean very hard to get them to agree. I love the image of her two grandchildren!

And, of course, the big family portrait! The biggest challenge was trying to get all the men to smile at the same time. 😉 Good thing wonder dog, Morgan, was so well behaved!


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