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Little Miracles : Newborn Portraits

Look at this little honey! Isn’t he a little piece of heaven? I almost love newborn portraits of little boys the best because we aren’t so tempted to put a headband or some other additional element in every shot.

This session’s “sets” were even simpler than normal because it was photographed on-location at the client’s home and we incorporated family portraits with their 2 1/2 year old son.
Although I did bring quite a bit of gear for our portrait set-up, I was able to do these with just the natural light from their patio doors which is always easier for the set-up/take-down, but I needed to be diligent about watching my settings as they needed to be adjusted as the light changed (clouds passed over, etc.)
I photographed their older son when he was a newborn as well (and his mommy’s maternity portraits) so she knew the drill and I think she really enjoyed relaxing and watching me work this time, completely trusting that I’d get some great images for her to cherish.

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