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Rachel : Senior Portraits : Clear Lake High School

A lot of photographers who focus on high school seniors tend to ignore the guy side of the market and focus mostly on the teenage girls, knowing they are usually much more invested in the process than their male counterparts.  I would have to agree on this statement, as a general rule, although I’ve had some really great guys walk in my studio that had some great ideas and were really wanting to do what they could to make their portraits amazing.

Well, I love photographing both the girls and the guys in the high school senior market because with the guys, most of the time, it’s really about bonding with and marketing to their moms… and their younger siblings!  This summer has been filled with younger sisters of boys I photographed two, three, or four years ago.  The moms just loved me so much and the girls… well, I’m just guessing they’re thinking… “Heck!  If she can make MY BROTHER look THAT GOOD, think of what she can do with ME!”  😉

I guess that’s for you to decide… what do you think of gorgeous, natural, Rachel?  She has such flawless skin, with the cutest freckles and strawberry blonde hair.  I barely touched these images.  She needed no blemishes retouched, whatsoever.  Gotta love that!

We have some beautiful, classic images, but we also captured some really fun ones in her softball and volleyball uniforms in the studio.  Rachel is hilarious and she kept me laughing throughout the session.


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Anne : Clear Lake High School : Senior Portrait Session

This session is from last fall, but I just got so far behind on my posts and I still wanted to showcase this lovely senior because she is so photogenic!
Anne’s senior portrait session was the one that included both indoor studio portraits and outdoor, on-location portraits as well.
I love these sessions because I can really customize the backdrops to fit the outfit… and also find the locations with perfect lighting! Anything can look good if the lighting is right!!! (Just my $0.02 for you)
After the fun indoor shots showcasing her unique activities like playing the tuba in her high school band, and drama with the Stebens Children’s Theatre we were ready to head out for some cool outdoor images.
Anne had couple fun hats she wanted to wear with some of her outfits, so for the furry mad-bomber hat, I decided the railroad tracks would be perfect. I know, I know some people think the RR track pictures are overdone, but I’m with her and her mom on this one. The image is just so symbolic of young adulthood, and this being just the beginning of their life journey.
Call me a hopeless romantic.
Oh, and the ones in her prom dress by the water… those remind me of some kind of fairy tale… like The Princess and the Frog or The Swan Princess. I just love it!
Anyhow, that’s enough out of me for today!













Brooklyn : 7 Months Old

Brooklyn was back in the studio for her portraits. I always recommend the parents have their babies photographed three times in the first year. Once, as a newborn, once as a chubby little baby that can sit up independently (6-8 Months) and again for their one year session.
Little Brooklyn here wasn’t quite sitting up yet and her mommy was just so excited to get her portraits taken again, that she just couldn’t wait any longer! 🙂
That’s okay, because she did a great job and we still got some really fun images.
I love the one with her pink monkey shirt where she’s grinning really big. Her face looks just like the monkey on her shirt.
Then the ones in the tub were just sort of an inspiration I had… which I’ve done variations of before, but I don’t think I’ve ever had mom blow bubbles… which added a nice touch!
And the funny little expression where she’s checking out the rubber duckie!!! Priceless!
Then there’s the tutu and the pretty dress… ugh! She’s just so stinkin’ cute! I had a really hard time picking a favorite for the proof book cover.

I’m just glad I got so many smiling, laughing pictures because at first, all she did was kind of scowl at me and look at me with this really distasteful expression. 🙂 I think she was trying to decide if she liked me or not. I was all over the place, working my butt off to get her to smile. Glad she decided in my favor!

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