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Ashley : Mason City High School : Senior Portraits

I’ve gotta say, I was a little overwhelmed when I saw the van full of clothing and instruments Ashley arrived with on the day of her senior session.
She had her mom and boyfriend in tow to help unload it all and we rolled up our sleeves and got right to work! Or fun, I should say!
I was glad I have accumulated so many backgrounds over the years because I needed quite a few for the thirteen, yes, I said THIRTEEN outfits! 🙂
I guess it’s unlimited, after all! LOL!
I can’t say that I regret offering an unlimited session, because it’s girls like Ashley that are really invested in making their senior portraits special that drive me into that creative zone.
I just love playing around with portraits of guitarists. Ashley had some beautiful guitars and I love the studio shots we created, but the country girl in me adores this one with her acoustic guitar out in the flowers.

Funny story with these shots… Ashley is wearing a butterfly necklace, butterfly earrings, and a butterfly ring… and you wouldn’t guess, but a tiny lavender butterfly landed on her finger while we were shooting this. It didn’t want to leave either. It landed on her guitar strings and everything! Pretty awesome senior portrait experience if I do say so myself! 🙂

Check out all the awesome pictures in the slideshow! There’s more musical ones… the banjo with the speeding train is another one of my absolute faves… and the ones of her on point in her ballet shoes are rockin’ too!

Such a talented and beautiful girl!

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Kory : Senior Portraits : Mason City, IA

Kory was one of those boys who walks in my door and instantly makes me a little nervous. I have to admit. Guys like him always challenge me. I could tell just by looking through his outfits that he is creative and artsy and has a definite idea of what he thinks is cool… and it isn’t quite “main-stream cool”, if you know what I mean.
I get my fair share of these guys. They know that I can pull off the look that they want, it’s just I know how much they are interested in their pictures (they appreciate good artwork) and so I am on my toes trying to get “outside my box” of my standard “senior guy” fall back poses. (I’ll totally admit I have them! I try to be unique, but just like when you’re shopping for guy clothes versus girl stuff… there’s a much greater range with girls.)
Once Kory and I got to know each other and I gained his trust (or just won him over with my charm and grace … LOL!) he really started giving me the inspiration I needed to get the poses and the shots that were going to be unique (but at the same time, not too weird.)
He also brought his guitar, since he is in a band, and that was the highlight of the session for me. I love watching guys get into the roll of rockstar!

I also did a few funkier crops, added some grittiness to this b&w image and made some vintage color effects that I’m hoping he’ll appreciate.

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