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The Carlson Family : Austin, MN : Family Portraits

This is one of my most loyal customers, and I have grown to love her and her children dearly! (Her hubs is pretty great too!) 😉
I’m always in for a treat when she calls to book her session… we’ve photographed her kids with baby chicks, and balloons, and their favorite things… well, this time we did an update of their favorite things and … wait for it… (pause for effect)… Fainting Goats!!! How fun is that???
Check out all these great pictures. Taking the time to plan something with your photographer that is unique to your family makes for much more meaningful family portraits = better memories!

Carlson-004 Carlson-020 Carlson-025 Carlson-036 Carlson-044 Carlson-045 Carlson-050 Carlson-051 Carlson-053

Holm Family Portrait Session : Extended Family

Wow!  What a blessing this summer has been.  I’ve been booked solid and loving all the great customers, new and returning, that have been walking through the studio door lately.  This great family I’m featuring today is one of my new ones and they look amazing, don’t they?

I traveled about 45 minutes to their home, on a Sunday afternoon, to capture their portraits.  I usually don’t book many Sunday sessions, but sometimes you need to make an exception when it comes to larger, extended family portraits.  It’s often the only day you can get everyone together.

So we got a GREAT family portrait with their home in the background and then some of just mom & dad (grandma & grandpa) and then each of their grown children with their families.  Of course, we did lots of fun shots and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though it was a HOT day!  🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek!

BeccaLarge Family Photo Husband Wife Embrace Superhero Family Cool Hawkeye Family Photo Mother with son Family walking down road Grandkids Portrait

Little Keira : Newborn Portraits

You know that feeling that you get, when a kid you used to babysit is graduating from high school, or worse yet, college? For me it’s like this sinking realization that I really am aging, even though most of the time I don’t feel like I am. Do you know what I mean?

I felt that way when the mommy to this baby girl came into my studio for their newborn session. I did Senior portraits for her when she graduated from highschool, she’s done with college, been working for a while, got married, and now has a little baby!

I know the answer, but it always makes me want to ask the question, “How did this happen?!”

But enough about me… back to this little blessing.

Little Keira was already a month old so I wasn’t going to hold my breath and wait for her to go to sleep, but I knew if I worked carefully, I could still get some of those really cute artsy type of portraits with my favorite props. Lucky for me, she decided to play along and I got some of these beautiful images for her parents (and grandparents!) to treasure for years to come.
Let it be said again, because as much as we get annoyed hearing it, the phrase bears repeating… “They really do change so fast.”

I know, I’m in the midst of it right now with my little guy, Henry. He’s almost 8 1/2 months and he’s pulling himself up on things all the time and loves it when you help him stand on his own two feet! It really was only a few months ago I was cheering him on as he made his first attempts to crawl.

It’s crazy, but we need to do our best as parents to relish every joyful minute of it. And capturing it with beautiful, professional portraits is definitely a great place to start. Kudos to Keira’s parents for investing in her memories!











The Hagen Family : Northwood, IA

The Hagen family are return customers that loved the fun, colorful shots we created at their campground, Happy Time Resort so much they called me up to do it again the following year!
I just love this mom because she is INTO her family photos. She’s been dedicated about having them professionally photographed and I really give her credit for that. It’s all too easy to make excuses for not having them done… I want to lose that extra 5 lbs, or my hair isn’t quite the way I want it, or it costs too much.
Well, I’m here to say, I can make you look thinner by the way I pose you, that you can set up your appointment weeks ahead so you have time to get into your favorite hairdresser, and the biggest investment doesn’t come until a couple weeks AFTER the session… and even then, I only require 1/2 down. You have plenty of time to save up. Right?!
The memories we create are priceless and I truly believe that, with every ounce of my being.
Check out these great images. I love these kids, they are beautiful, great kids… but the oldest boy hates getting his picture taken… not sure why… I’m thinking it might be the braces… but whatever the reason, I’m slowly but surely breaking down walls with this one.
Then there’s the youngest… isn’t she ADORABLE?! Well, she always loves to put me through the wringer, too! I am pretty sure she likes me… but for some reason she thinks it’s fun to make it a challenge by playing the “I’m going to turn my back to the camera and do everything I can not to smile” game.
*Insert Evil Laugh*
Oh yeah??? This ain’t my first rodeo!
I must admit, they don’t make my job easy, but they sure as heck make it a whole lot more interesting and I’m the kind of girl that loves a challenge… so I say, “Bring it!”
P.S. To her daughter and middle boy, I thank you for being so easy going and cooperative. You’re the ones that keep me sane! HagenS-007














The Thorson Family : Indoor/Outdoor Studio Portrait Session

I am just going to make this a quick post as I have plenty of work to do, and I just wanted my customers to know I’m not one of those photographers that thinks they need the luxury of taking a week or two off during the holidays. Heck, my kiddo is going to daycare, I might as well be making money! 😉 And the thought of anyone having to wait that long for a response to a question or to place an order makes me sick. It must be that same gene that inflicts the mom-guilt. LOL!
Back to the Thorsons… so believe it or not… but this family has NEVER, I repeat, NEVER had their family portrait taken! Can you believe it? Tragic, I know!
(Collin’s only three, and although I can take professional portraits myself I have still already had four other professional portrait sessions for our family)
I am a firm believer in having portraits taken once per year. This is easier to do when you have a baby in the family, because they are changing so fast, but as they get older it’s a good habit to keep. Simply because you never know what life has in store. Life is way, way, too short sometimes and I want to make sure I have plenty of up-to-date pictures of my loved ones to look at and reminisce about the good times. (Even while we are all still living to enjoy them.)
Anyhow, I digress. So, this adorable family was in dire need of some family portraits, and I must say, we got all the bases covered! We have some great, fun images of the kids together… a priceless picture of mom and dad… and a great shot of everyone looking like they are very happy.

Don’t you just love them?!

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