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The Ebbings : Sioux Falls Area Family Portrait Photography

I’m excited to share some beautiful images from the Ebbing family’s portrait session. I recently had to head out to Sioux Falls to photograph my husband’s cousin’s son who is going to be a senior. They have a neighbor that had me take family portraits quite often when I’ve been out there in past years.  When I sent her a message to say I’d be out there again, she was happy to take advantage of the opportunity to have me capture their family once again.
It’s been a few years since our last session.
Here’s a throwback portrait for you… aren’t they cute??!RebeccaHoug-003

Now, their youngest daughter isn’t a baby anymore! Both of their girls are so lovely, and it almost feels like I’m visiting relatives when I take their pictures too, because I’ve known and photographed them for so long.

I was just giddy with excitement when I sent the email to share the gallery of images with their mom, and I got this lovely email in return this morning…
“I love the pictures! I realized I was showing coworkers and friends and I never let you know that they turned out great. The pictures of Allison with Mike & Anna with me are amazing.
Thank you!”
I love getting those messages in my inbox on Monday morning. Such a perfect way to start the week!






Holm Family Portrait Session : Extended Family

Wow!  What a blessing this summer has been.  I’ve been booked solid and loving all the great customers, new and returning, that have been walking through the studio door lately.  This great family I’m featuring today is one of my new ones and they look amazing, don’t they?

I traveled about 45 minutes to their home, on a Sunday afternoon, to capture their portraits.  I usually don’t book many Sunday sessions, but sometimes you need to make an exception when it comes to larger, extended family portraits.  It’s often the only day you can get everyone together.

So we got a GREAT family portrait with their home in the background and then some of just mom & dad (grandma & grandpa) and then each of their grown children with their families.  Of course, we did lots of fun shots and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves even though it was a HOT day!  🙂

Enjoy this sneak peek!

BeccaLarge Family Photo Husband Wife Embrace Superhero Family Cool Hawkeye Family Photo Mother with son Family walking down road Grandkids Portrait

Rossmiller Family Portraits

I’m sure anyone who has tried to coordinate a family portrait (beyond just their immediate family, especially) can tell you it is tricky to make sure everyone is dressed the way you were hoping. In a way that no one individual person draws more attention than the rest… but that can be hard.
That’s when I like to suggest the “Black and White Factor.” LOL! I love black and white images for the way they take out all the distracting colors and draw your attention straight to people’s faces and expressions… but it also gets rid of any strange wardrobe color choices, if you know what I mean!

But even in color, I think these portraits rock. I must tell you, none of these kids acted like they really wanted to be there at first (or most of the men either!)
Well, I fixed that problem fast! I am still not sure what happens when I am in charge of running a camera… but it’s like an incredible hulk moment… I turn into a total goofball, comedian, who isn’t the slightest bit afraid of making fun of herself or teasing the people she’s photographing (usually they deserve it for misbehaving… usually this is adult men).

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