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Greve Family : Northwood, IA

I’ve known this gal, Myra, for a long time. We are in a study club together, called Interse, and I’ve always enjoyed her sense of humor and spirited personality.
She had the whole family down for a gathering a few weekends ago and asked me if I could come over on my Saturday afternoon to take their portrait together. I happily obliged and was glad I had the day free. I do offer weekend sessions… they cost a little bit more ($30 weekend premium) added to the base session fee, but they are worth it if that’s really the only time you are able to get everyone together.
I didn’t always have to charge extra, but since I had my son it requires a little extra planning and running him to a babysitter and I just feel like my weekend hours are extra valuable because that’s the only real good opportunity I have to spend with my family.
Anyhow, back to Myra… We started with some on their front step, since it was in a nice, shady, evenly-lit area and offered some flexibility with posing. I LOVE this one of her and her hubby. You can really sense how young at heart they are!

Then I worked on the different family groups. Myra wasn’t sure at first if her boys would want to do those, but I told her even if they didn’t want it, I was pretty sure SHE would. 🙂 And since we were all together, dressed up, and I was there anyway it only takes another few minutes to do them. So simple!

Luckily she said she didn’t have to lean very hard to get them to agree. I love the image of her two grandchildren!

And, of course, the big family portrait! The biggest challenge was trying to get all the men to smile at the same time. 😉 Good thing wonder dog, Morgan, was so well behaved!


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The Covert Family : Maternity and Family Portrait Session

This family has been on my blog a few times before. I had the pleasure of photographing Brett and Karie’s engagement, but I was out of luck on their wedding, as I was already booked that weekend. And then I had the honor of taking little Gracie’s newborn portraits almost two years ago now. So I was very happy to get the phone call from the radiantly expecting, Karie.

I just love this girl! She’s an art teacher and has such a beautiful free spirit about her that is hard to put into words. I just think she seems so peaceful and happy all the time.
Little Gracie is growing up so fast, and she’s just a little fireball! 🙂 Maybe she gets that from her daddy! (Right, Karie?)
I love kids this age as they are so expressive of their emotions and it all shows on their faces.

We had our work cut out for us on that hot, hot day… trying to take maternity portraits of Karie, 2 year old portraits of Gracie, and then family portraits as well. Whew! But it was nice and cool in the shade at Myre-Big Island State Park in Albert Lea, MN. It’s a good thing we scheduled the appointment for when we did because it was that day at 4 pm that all the Minnesota Parks were shut down due to the congressmen not being able to settle on a budget. (Just another reason I’m proud to live in Iowa now!) Hahaha!

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