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Kenzie : Mason City High School Senior Portraits

This is the younger sister of one of my previous seniors, so her mom knew the drill and they showed up ready to rock the session.  I loved the great variety of outfit choices they made.  We captured some cute images of her in her cheerleading uniform and got a great jumping shot!

Next there was this cute black lace tank with skinny jeans and heels, it was adorable!  I love this fun one of her kicking up her heel.  She is quite the character when it comes to making funny faces/poses.  We had wayyyy too much fun.

There’s lots of other cute clothes and some great images that captured her love for running and hip-hop dance.

This girl is total model material, but she also has such great inner beauty.


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Hagen Family : Happy Time Resort, Northwood IA

This fun family session started at the Hagen home with a very bashful little 5 year old… I usually can charm the socks off even the most rambunctious little boys, but this little lady had me grasping for straws to tell you the truth. None of my tricks were working for more than a second or two before she’d turn her head away. LOL!
Good thing I have a fast trigger finger! 🙂

You know, that’s the difference between a newbie photographer that you might get to take your photos for less and a true, experienced professional.
I never gave up, never gave in and didn’t let it phase me in the least because I knew I would be able to get the shots I needed.

Sure, it would be nice if I could brag that every photo session I do is a piece of cake because I’m THAT good… but this is REAL.LIFE and there’s a reason I use that as my tagline. I don’t believe in taking pictures that gloss over reality. There is such beauty in the imperfections of life.

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