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Baby Victor – Newborn Photography

I’m excited to post the gallery online today for Baby Victor’s parents!  They’re close friends of mine.  His mom and I go way back to story hour at the public library!  So it’s no exaggeration to say I care deeply about her and I was so thrilled when I found out they were expecting and then I prayed with all my heart for a healthy pregnancy and baby.

When she texted me to say their little one had entered the world a healthy, (almost) 8 lb baby boy and they named him Victor, my eyes filled with tears of joy.  I was THAT happy!

So without further hesitation, here are some of my favorite portraits from his newborn session.  I captured all these images at their home in the Twin Cities.  Needless to say, I had LOADED my van down with blankets, backgrounds and wooden crates… anything that might be needed for this monumental photo session!  I am sure they thought I was moving in when I arrived.  I suppose they would have been grateful for an extra set of hands to help, although Victor’s daddy is not averse to changing a dirty diaper!  He jumped at the opportunity to handle any of his needs, which I admire.

Congrats M & J!


Rossmiller Family Portraits

I’m sure anyone who has tried to coordinate a family portrait (beyond just their immediate family, especially) can tell you it is tricky to make sure everyone is dressed the way you were hoping. In a way that no one individual person draws more attention than the rest… but that can be hard.
That’s when I like to suggest the “Black and White Factor.” LOL! I love black and white images for the way they take out all the distracting colors and draw your attention straight to people’s faces and expressions… but it also gets rid of any strange wardrobe color choices, if you know what I mean!

But even in color, I think these portraits rock. I must tell you, none of these kids acted like they really wanted to be there at first (or most of the men either!)
Well, I fixed that problem fast! I am still not sure what happens when I am in charge of running a camera… but it’s like an incredible hulk moment… I turn into a total goofball, comedian, who isn’t the slightest bit afraid of making fun of herself or teasing the people she’s photographing (usually they deserve it for misbehaving… usually this is adult men).

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