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The Miller’s : Belly Love : Owatonna, MN

This great couple comes to my studio from Owatonna, MN. We have a few different connections that bring them my way… besides the great photography, that is! … I took wedding photos, newborn and family photos for one of Katie’s besties from her high school days and her hubby is good friends with mine.
I’m just so happy for them because they are the sweetest couple. Always joking around and I just love their sense of humor.
They’ve been trying for a while to have a baby and had to deal with a lot of hardships along the way. So when Katie reached 30 weeks we knew it was time to celebrate by taking some maternity portraits.
I normally don’t do maternity shots until the mommy-to-be is 32-36 weeks, but this lucky couple is expecting TWINS! 🙂 And so every day now, it’s almost like we’re all holding our breath… wondering if today will be the day they decide it’s time to arrive.
Poor little Katie, is such a petite thing! Her tummy is stretched so tight she said it feels like it’s been sunburned and when I touched it, it did feel hot. (You could actually see your handprint after you took it away). Crazy!

I just love how perfectly round her tummy is!
I can’t wait for the babies to arrive. The couple found out what gender the babies are, but they aren’t telling a soul! I am personally excited for the surprise, myself!!! I just wish I knew so I could buy more matching hats, but it’s probably a good thing because I would spend way too much money. (I will admit I did buy a coordinating set of hats that are pretty gender neutral so I’m excited to try those out!)
Well, that’s enough of my rambling!

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