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Cindy and Cole : Engagement Portraits

This sweet couple came my way for their wedding pictures with the “big picture” in clear view. They are paying for their own photography because they knew their parents couldn’t support the budget they knew they needed to spend in order to get the best images, and therefore the most vivid memories, they possibly could.
I will say it again and again… Your photos are the key part of your wedding day memories. Even if a million little things didn’t quite go as planned… if you have an awesome photographer that can keep your energy up and catch you in those moments of beautiful happiness, when you look back, you’ll only remember the joy!
Make sure you have someone that will make sure to capture all the little details too… the flowers, the dress, the decor and other significant items you poured your heart into before the big day. Once the big day is over, most of that is gone, or boxed up.
I’m happy to say that my brides get amazing proof books and boxes to show off their images to their family and friends… as well as slideshows to pop into the tv at the next family holiday and relive the happy memories in a very easy way, together!
They also get UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL storybook albums that they proudly display on their coffee tables for years to come… they don’t just get “shoved on a shelf” like so many people claim to do with theirs.
Here’s the start of my journey with Cindy and Cole toward their wedding day and beyond. They are adorable and totally cherish their days together as Cole is in the Marines and currently stationed in California.
God bless him for the sacrifices he and his fellow servicemen make every day to keep our country protected from harm.








Emilie Rae : Newborn Baby Girl Portraits

This little ray of sunshine came to me from my good friend Kayla. She came to me for her wedding portraits about four years ago for a consultation and our personalities just clicked and we’ve been good friends since! I love the fact that she believes in me and my photographic abilities even when I doubt myself and my own talent. But, I guess, that’s what friends are for… but she’s really good at it!
I didn’t have an doubts that this session was going to result in some fantastic images though! I was very excited upon their arrival to the studio. I was dying to meet this little girl that came about two weeks past when we all expected her. I had been debating all morning which backgrounds and props to pull out for her portraits and Kayla made the choice easy once she told me her wishes for the overall look.
They did have their knit John Deere hat and cowboy booties for Emilie to wear.
The hardest part of the session was getting Emilie to sleep. Kayla even told me it would be fine if she wasn’t sleeping, but I stayed patient and it paid off! Because you really can’t get the picture where she’s on the chair when she’s awake. I worry enough as it is, and always have mom placed next to the chair, just out of the frame so that if by chance, she startles or rolls, all it would take is a quick reach to keep her safe.
I’m the most protective of my subjects. You can ask the parents! 🙂 I’m always saying “Be careful!” and “Don’t worry about ruining a shot.”
I love these little blessings and I want to make the sessions go as smoothly as possible while always staying safe, and still creating the artistic images their mommy is looking forward to hanging on her walls at home.












Kris + Katie : Wedding Photography

My brother-in-law, Kris, got on April 13th to the loveliest gal. Her name is Katie and her mom owns Addie’s Floral in Albert Lea, Minnesota. So I knew their wedding flowers were going to be beautiful for sure!
(Funny fact: I chose Addie for my wedding flowers when I got married to Andy over 10 years ago!)
After quite a bit of thought over having an outdoor wedding at their place in a rustic barn setting, wedding was held in Albert Lea, MN at the Methodist Church. Which was a good thing because there was quite the crowd for this beautiful couple!
I had the honor of being chose as their photographer, Andy was an usher, and our son, Collin was ring bearer! He looked so handsome in his suit!!! I was so excited to see him and Andy all dressed up for the wedding.
I’ll admit there are quite a few extra pictures of Collin mixed in the proofs.
*insert guilty grin*
After the wedding, the couple stopped at Pub 69 in Twin Lakes for a quick drink before heading to Diamond Jo Casino in Northwood, IA for the reception.
I was thrilled with their reception choice. #1 because it’s a very photogenic venue inside. #2 the food is awesome and served very fast! #3 it’s only 7 miles from my studio/home!
(Another fun fact: My younger brother also had his wedding reception there.)
They had me take portraits from “getting ready” until their first dance and the father-daughter/mother-son dance. Which is just right for designing a storybook wedding album. I can’t wait to get to work on it! Although I must say, I’m going to be a little jealous since my own wedding portraits aren’t this good!
P.S. I apologize (sort of) for sharing so many images. Usually I can narrow it down a bit more, but it’s hard when it’s your own family!!!





































2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 9,800 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 16 years to get that many views.

Click here to see the complete report.

Pretty cool, if I do say so myself!

Michaela : Newman Catholic High School : Senior Portraits

Well, I just counted them up, and I did portraits for seniors from 11, yes, I said ELEVEN different high schools! That’s crazy! I know, if you live in/near a city, that probably doesn’t sound like that many… but when you live in Podunk, IA like me, 😉 where the closest town’s population is less than 2,000 and the nearest “big” town is less than 20,000… you appreciate little facts like these!
It was a huge “validating” moment for me to count those up… mainly because I know just how choosy my seniors are that come to me. They REALLY care about what their senior portraits look like. They are very EXCITED and fully INVESTED in making the session fun and unique.
I only wish I had the time to do in-person premiere viewing appts so I could see their reactions when they see their gallery for the very first time. But I get plenty of ecstatic texts soon after to reassure me of their happiness… that and requests to put images on facebook ASAP!
Anyhow… back to the task at hand… I need to share some new images with you. These are actually a bit on the older side since I got behind on sharing so I’ll just keep this short and sweet.

Michaela here is the first Newman Catholic Senior I’ve photographed (I think…) She is simply stunning.

Her long dark hair and dark eyes photograph well, and I didn’t have any trouble getting her to crack that killer smile of hers.

I had the privilege of meeting her boyfriend and taking a few portraits of them together as well.


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Cassie + Jason : Wedding Portraits

Well, today I’m supposed to be uploading some more images to my site for people to view their proofs, but it’s temporarily down because I had to make a simple hosting change. … long story.
Anyhow, so I had a minute to stop and think about what I COULD upload… and I remembered I hadn’t blogged for a little while!
So here you go! Some gorgeous wedding images from a recent wedding held in Scarville, Iowa.
The bride was looking fetching in her amazing dress, and I loved the vintage-looking jewelry she purchased from Etsy.
I enjoyed working with this crazy wedding party. I’d shot some of the guys before in another wedding … so they all felt pretty comfortable being themselves around me.

After the ceremony, they rode in a bus and stopped at the park in Fertile, Iowa. There, the water was much lower than usual since it’s been pretty dry this year. Lucky for us, it allowed the wedding party to stand out in front of the waterfall created by the dam.

Soooo pretty!

Then, it was time to head to the reception! They did a great job decorating the Ventura Community Center for the event!

I loved the little touches Cassie added to personalize the reception location. And who wouldn’t love this cake topper! High Five!!!


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Alli : Alden-Conger High School : Senior Portraits

Hi there! I’m just trying to play catch up today! I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed lately and trying to keep on top of things… shoots, proofing, ordering, packaging, phone calls, emails, facebook, blog… it all adds up!
Luckily, I made a great choice this year, sending Collin to a daycare in Northwood so I wouldn’t have to run him to daycare after pre-school which has been a total life-saver! (Especially since he goes 3x week now, not just two.)
I told myself I was going to start hitting the treadmill again now that I have to run into town, but my workload hasn’t allowed it quite yet. I have high hopes for next week though! My butt will be fat soon if it doesn’t get out of this office chair! … although I do tell myself I have been doing lots of sessions and house work in my off time (staining and painting) so I have kept pretty active. But it’s not a good replacement for some good, hard cardio… they say it helps you work (focus) better too.
Ahhh… enough about my life. On to more fun things!

Miss Alli here was all sorts of fun, with her mom, Kris at her senior photo session. I had a great time seeing all her cute outfits.
She has the BEST smile! All teeth! No holding back! I didn’t pick many serious looks for her proofs because that just wasn’t her style. Although I’m sure a bunch of her friends will love them.

Alli here is a huntress like me… so I was pumped when she said she brought along her shotgun. She is a young Tiffany Lakosky!

It was also interesting to find out she’s a tough cookie too! She’s pitched SIX, that’s right, I said SIX, no run games! What a woman!!!

Well, back to the not-so-fun parts of my job!

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