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Camellia : 3 weeks old : Little Miracles Baby Plan

Good morning everyone! I had a great birthday yesterday. Thanks to all my amazing friends and customers for the wonderful birthday wishes on facebook! Love you all so much!
I’m excited to share some images today of a very beautiful, precious baby girl. One of the most perfect babies I’ve ever photographed… LOL! 🙂
Okay, okay. … So I may be slightly prejudiced, since she is – in fact – my first niece. 🙂
I’m proud to introduce Camellia Lynne.

Isn’t she just the sweetest? I love the family portraits. And the ones of just her and her big brother, JP, are priceless. He is such a wonderful, protective, big brother. I must say, at only 3 years old, he really seems to be very accepting of the newest addition to the family. I didn’t sense any jealously which I’m sure makes my brother and sister-in-law very happy indeed!

I used an old wicker rocking chair that was a family heirloom, my dad had in the attic that I’ve never used before, and this old hand-sewn quilt I purchased a long time ago at an auction, that I’d also, never used before. I must say, I’m pleased with the result, but my favorites are the simple, close-up images. There is just such power in the fine features of a child’s face.
I also captured some really fun images of JP and daddy… my brother, Chris. These are pretty near and dear to my heart, since I know what a great dad Chris is and it’s evident in these portraits that JP clearly adores him.
My sister-in-law, Mariah, also got a great “Madonna” shot (as in the Mary and Jesus, not the singer) 😉 of her and Camellia together.

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Carys : Two Year Old Portrait Session

The little cherub was back from D.C. again. Visiting Grandma! She’s as cute as ever, but not quite the little chunk she used to be. 🙂 Remember those cute rolls she had? Not so much, anymore. Oh well! Babies grow up. 😦 It’s the truth. It’s a good thing because that means they are healthy, but it’s also bittersweet because we will miss that sweet innocence that fades with age. That’s why it’s so important to take lots of pictures that first year and then keep taking professional portraits once a year after that. (Even after they start school and they get that BORING school portrait…ugh. What does that say about WHO they ARE???) … sorry! off my soapbox. 😉
This family has been awesome, diligently visiting the studio three times during Cary’s first year and once a year after that. Luckily, they are expecting another baby so I will be getting to start the process all over again! YAY!
Check out Miss Cary’s images. We only did two outfits this session. It’s usually not feasible to do much more than that with a two year old. They are just wanting to go, go, go… and they don’t quite take directions (that well) yet.
These are usually my most high-energy sessions. I’m using my creative brain-power as fast as I can to figure out what background and props will work best as far as looks, and function goes… I’m constantly moving things in and out, trying to find what holds their interest. Because I know my window of opportunity with a two year old is very short.
Carys took a liking to a little American flag I had lying around (unfortunately it didn’t coordinate with her outfit, but in b&w it works!)

Once we weaseled that away, I managed to get a few more without it before we decided to switch over to her favorite outfit.
They are big Giants fans, if it wasn’t already obvious. 😉 I love the way the blue looks with her eyes and I had the perfect football for her to play with.

Daddy got in on these images, especially since this is the first time he’d been to the studio… we had to capture some professional daddy and me portraits.
I think these would work awesome in one of my multi-image collages.

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Brielle : Newborn Portrait Session

I was so blessed to have my dear customers, Ryan and Christine, (who honored me with the opportunity to photograph their wedding last year) ask me to photograph their new baby girl!
Like usual, I’m always excited to photograph a newborn. They are a bit of a challenge and can be pretty time-consuming the day of the session… but they are sooooo worth it!
Every single one of them is a little miracle and I always hope and wish for the continued opportunity to photograph all their first year portraits. I’m pretty sure I’ll be getting to do all of Brielle’s since her parents have been so thrilled with the work I’ve done in the past.
(And it blows my mind a little bit because they live like an hour away… I still don’t realize that I’m worth it most days.) 🙂
So this little angel was a little hard to get to sleep at first. Mainly because she got a nice long nap on the drive up. Luckily, my experience with newborns serves me well… and with some patience and a nice bottle of milk, it was back to dreamland for Brielle. Heheehee.
It was Friday before Easter when I photographed these, so I just had to take a couple with this sweet bunny ears hat my mother-in-law crocheted for me. And just for kicks at the end, when I sensed she was ready to wake up, I posed her with this pink alarm clock I’ve got… and she did the perfect expressions.
Although, my favorites are still the more simple images.


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Dayne : 6 Month Session

It’s that time of year again! Dayne’s back for his 6 month session and we sure had fun.
His mommy is an art teacher in Austin, so we did these really cute ones in a onesie she’d brought that says “little artist” and then I had the brainstorm of using the white paper background we could draw on. (I also ran in the house and borrowed Collin’s markers and paints. Hehee.)

I gotta say, it was a lot of fun taking Dayne’s portraits. He was pretty much all smiles and had the whole “sitting up thing” down pat.
He adored my little vintage pickup truck. He just leaned over and hugged the thing! 🙂 What a little man!
I just love this cute little chunky baby stage!

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The twins are back and 6 months old!

Leah and Emma are back and they are cuter than ever! I was happy to have them visit the studio again for their second session in my “Little Miracles” baby plan.
These twin girls are so, so cherished by their mommy and daddy! I love seeing the parents of twins work together. They don’t have an option. They just HAVE to. Although, I think Wes would have been a pretty hands-on kind of daddy, either way.
He could get those girls to smile so easily!!! I don’t know what he was doing behind my back, but whatever it was, they found it to be hilarious!
For the family images, I had my work cut out for me. Trying to get all four of them to look good at the same time was a challenge. Although Wes and Katie take directions pretty well, 😉 it’s hard because it seems like right when the one baby that wasn’t smiling decides to break into a grin is right when the other parent feels the urge to adjust a dress… or something like that! LOL! But it’s ALL good!
I found it amusing, mainly because they warned me Emma’s going to be my challenge… that she is pretty discriminating on who she smiles for. And for the first few minutes, that was true… She definitely has perfected that disapproving frown. 🙂 haha!
But then, it was like a switch was flipped and she decided I was alright after all, and from then on, she was all grins.

There were so many great images. It was very hard for me to narrow them down as much as I did. I don’t know how they will choose; from the best of the best. Glad that’s not my job!!! 🙂

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Dodge : A sweet little baby boy

I seem to be a boy-magnet lately! LOL! And they are all such little cuties! This honey came to me by referral from Dodge’s mom’s boyfriend’s sister. 🙂 Catch all that??? LOL!
His auntie suggested they see me, in simpler words. Just thought I’d try to stretch your brains a little today!

Enjoy his cute little dimples! They are the best! (Well, and his baby blue eyes are running a close 2nd.)

I gotta go! Still working on wedding album designs from last year!
I know, I know, I thought I’d have them all done by now, but I had a lot of 30 & 40 pagers this year and not so many 20 pagers… Go figure, they take about twice as long!

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Happy Valentines Day!

I’ve got a cute little photo to share with you for Valentine’s Day! Look at this little stud-muffin bare-chested with just a bowtie on! 😉 LOL! Love how he gave me this smile!

I had the brainstorm to make the bowtie when I was looking at some hairclips for little girls, and I thought, wouldn’t that be cute on a baby boy! And of course, I had some burgundy fleece and it took me like a minute to make this cute little bowtie. I just set it under his chin and all of a sudden he gave me this HUGE grin! It must have felt nice and soft, maybe it tickled his chin a little. Who knows, but he liked it! 🙂
And of course, I had to create some cute, one-of-a-kind Valentines for my little guy to hand out at Pre-school and daycare. Collin had fun adding glue dots to the side and sticking a roll of smarties along the edge.

Hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day!

Erika : Newborn Portrait Session

This little cutie came my way via a gift certificate I donated to the “Get Your Pink On” golf tournament’s silent auction. I always like to help contribute to the local community as much as I can because without my customers, this business I enjoy so much wouldn’t be possible.
So little Miss Erika here didn’t particularly want to fall asleep for me, so we got some great shots while she was awake being held by mom and dad. Then, I told them to go sit down, take a break while I worked my magic getting her to sleep. Let me tell you, when you let a newborn’s parent know they are able to take an hour off while someone capable monitors their baby, they are pretty darn happy to oblige! 🙂
I just love it after I get the baby snoozing and place them perfectly in the basket and the mom comes peeking around the corner and says “That’s amazing!!!” It’s the best feeling ever. (And believe me it takes experience to accomplish. The first few newborns I photographed were not easy!)

Don’t you just love how cute she looks in this bucket? And the alarm clock is set to the time she was born. 🙂
I will be sharing another newborn girl again soon, but for now, enjoy little Erika!

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Ruth : 6 Months Old : Baby Session

If you follow my blog at all, you should recognize little Ruthie by now. Her mommy and I have done four sessions already this year now. 🙂 (not just for Ruthie, but for her family and her mother’s family as well)
But back to business… Ruthie is just too, too cute! I mean it! I don’t think I can look at another picture of her smiling. It’s making me sick! I have such a hard time narrowing them down! 🙂
It’s about as bad as when I have to narrow Collin’s pictures down. LOL!

And Ruthie is the queen of making funny faces… really cute ones! I also know how much her mama adores the “bloopers” so we have quite a few to pick from and I’m thinking a collage will be necessary.

P.S. Don’t you just love the pettiromper on Ruthie??? I think they work so well for the 6-12 month baby girls. I have three of them… in pink, ivory, and aqua!!! 🙂

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Urijah : 3 Month Session : Baby Portraits

Normally, I encourage my baby plan customers to do 3 sessions during their son/daughter’s first year. Once, when the baby is a newborn (ideally less than 10 days old), again when the baby is sitting up strong (maybe wait till they start crawling) and before their first birthday (standing/walking). This allows for a good variety in the portraits as they are in three very distinct stages.
There are lots of people, photographers, baby books, etc. that encourage portraits at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months the first year. That’s a great idea, and I definitely encourage my moms to take their own personal photos at those milestone ages, but I just think it gets to be overwhelming for moms that aren’t big “picture people.” It gets to be a lot of trips to the studio with the session, ordering, and picking up the order… (at least 12). Also, you are picking up the finished prints about the time we are scheduling the next session so you don’t have as much time to just enjoy them before you are planning the next order.
That’s just me. But I definitely have moms that want lots and lots of pictures of their babies. And it doesn’t bother them to have to make the quick trip down to my studio for each appointment. (Lots of my clients say they really enjoy the relaxing drive out to the country) Many times they did the more frequent schedule of portraits with their older child and they want to keep the tradition going. (Kuddos to them! Because we all know the 2nd child often gets the shaft!… 😉 this is a comment from a 2nd child, by the way!)
Urijah’s mom falls into that category of parents that love professional portraits and had done the newborn, 3, 6, 9, 12, and 18 month sessions with their oldest in Florida with their past photographer. (I should write her a Thank you) LOL!

I’m happy to share this little chubber’s three-month portraits with you. They are just too cute! Christina brought the cute little blue knit sweater and hat… and I just keep thinking those pictures would make such a cute Christmas card (this one in the munchkin stocking hat looks like he just saw Santa!) But he will have changed a lot by then and have lots of new portraits to pick from.

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Baby Leo : Newborn Portrait Session

Little Leo, isn’t that the most adorable name? He’s so perfect.

I was excited and surprised when I found out my past clients were expecting again. I got to know them and their family very well when I did their wedding photography back in 2005. So, I knew they didn’t have an easy time when they wanted to have their first child, Eleanor, but (SURPRISE!) little Leo came right behind… and Ellie isn’t even 2 yet!
Good for them, I say! They make a great team as mom and dad with two little ones to manage.
I think, Kirk would like to do more with Leo right now, but it looks like whenever he tries, Eleanor has a little case of jealousy! 😉 It’s okay though. He’s was only a week old so she hadn’t had all that long to adjust yet. I did get a funny shot of her crying at her dad’s feet while he held Leo that I know will be a favorite. That’s REAL LIFE for you!

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Grayson’s One Year Session : Children’s Portrait Photography

This little guy has gotten sooo big, sooo fast!  Being a mom myself, I know just how fast the time flies by.  Grayson’s birthday is this Saturday and I couldn’t be happier for him and his family.

He was born about 10 weeks early and I just remember how tiny he was… only 2 lbs. 12 oz.  But he was a strong little man and a fighter.  He impressed all the nurses at St. Mary’s NICU.

Well, look at him now!  All grown up and quite the little charmer!  😉

His mom’s family are HUGE fans of the Nebraska Huskers and so little Gray has his own “Lil’ Red” outfit.  He totally rocked the look!  I love the pouty face image, it’s so adorable… like he’s mad his team lost a play!

The other ones are all super sweet and here are just a few of my favorites.  I was glad he liked the vintage pickup toy I found.  That helped keep him in one place for a few seconds anyway!  LOL!  But, seriously, I love the ones where he’s crawling toward the camera.  He’s got that devilish look on his face like he’s about to get away!!!



Grace and Olivia

These two little girls were so much fun to photograph.  I have been talking to their mom, off and on, since last March about coming to my studio to get their portraits done.  It just hasn’t worked out until now.  Luckily, she did manage to get some other pictures taken before then.  (Honestly, I advise my clients with babies that any pictures are better than no pictures… but portraits at RL Photography are always the best of all!  😉  *wink*)

Needless to say, I had the honor of doing Livi’s 1 year session which is a really big deal in my book!  Those 1st year portraits are such a milestone image and they will show up frequently later in life on elementary school bulletin boards, high school yearbooks and commemorative slideshows.  You know what I’m talking about, right???

The main reason we waited until now was because their mom wanted a picture like the one I did last spring of the baby with the angel wings on the little pedestal.  She facebook messaged me a few times to tell me how much she loved it and how she wanted something like that for her wall.  I advised her to wait a little bit until she was sitting up so that we could have it look as similar as possible.

The cute little fairy wings and matching tutus were theirs, but it inspired me to order a second tutu to match my baby size tutu since I’ve been having so many sisters in my studio lately.  I already had two, but they were different styles… and I don’t mind having a reason to shop for girlie stuff!!!

I’m really excited to do baby portraits again soon, because I just got some little baby leggings in!  They’re like little leg warmers.  I got three pairs for girls and two for boys.  Can’t wait to try them out!!!  Call me if you have a baby you’d like to get portraits of.  🙂



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A new year and a brand new blog!

Happy New Year!  I am so excited to ring in 2011 and share my new Rebecca Lynne Photography, with you.  I thought it would be nice to have a fresh, new look for the new year.  Plus, this blog format allows me to create multiple posts and “schedule” them to post.  That’s the main reason for the change.

I am a firm believer in using the new year as an opportunity to reflect on the past and create goals for the future.  I feel like I’ve done a really great job blogging and staying current with my posts, but I would like to become more efficient with my workflow and to be honest, blogging was eating up quite a bit of my time.

I would try to create a blog post immediately after I finished proofing someone’s session images, which was fine, but just about everyone knows that the more you can do one thing without having to switch gears the more efficient you will be.  Hence, the concept of creating multiple posts one time each week from the previous week’s sessions and then scheduling them all to post on various days throughout the week.  I’m thinking 3 times/week.  Monday, Wed, and Friday.  That’s the plan, anyway!

So, enough of this boring, business stuff.  You’re not interested in that stuff anyway.  You’re here to see images, right?!  Well, have I got some cute ones for you!

These were taken a couple weeks before Christmas, but I never got a chance to feature them on the blog and I really wanted to because their mama is such a peach and I just love her to death.  We have known each other a looong time and I just feel honored every time I get to photograph her two adorable girls, Morgan and Marlee.