Life captured beautifully.

Taylor-Davis Wedding Photography – Superior Shores Resort, Two Harbors, MN

When a past senior portrait customer asks you to photograph her wedding in the Duluth area of Northern Minnesota on Lake Superior, what’s a girl to do but say “YES!”?

Saying Yes to photographing Rachel & Tim’s wedding seems to set off a domino effect and I’ve been booking weddings left and right.  The good Lord must be telling me it’s time to start serving more brides again.  I used to do quite a few weddings each year until we built the house and I had our second son, when I backed off from doing wedding shows and all that.  At that time it felt like there were so many weekend warriors out there photographing weddings and at that time I saw more value in focusing on high school seniors and families.

Times seem to be a changin’ and I for one am grateful for it.  I keep getting the feeling that families have seen too many of those weekend warriors fall flat or make mistakes… or just plain deliver less than dazzling results.  There’s a reason wedding photography should be a big portion of your wedding budget… it’s hard, takes a lot of time and equipment to do it right, and it’s a huge responsibility (and honor).

Rachel and Tim’s idea of the perfect wedding was a beachside ceremony at noon with just immediate family & grandparents and a casual BBQ lunch to follow.  Even with their desire to keep things casual, they realized they wanted a professional there to capture the milestone event and provide them with heirloom quality memories.

It had rained quite a bit the day before so the water in a few of the photos looks a bit muddy but I have some photoshop magic up my sleeve for whichever ones they decide to order reprints of.   And since it was a 89-degree, full-sun kind-of-day, we didn’t do too many on the beach and then headed for the shade for the rest of the family groups.

I hope you enjoy a few highlights from the day.  Feel free to share this with family and friends.  I love you guys!


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