Life captured beautifully.

Cora : One Year Portraits

This is another sweet little honey’s first year photo shoot.  I was so excited to have little Cora in the studio because her mommy is a dear friend and she’s totally laid back so I knew if I had an idea or outfit/prop combo I had in mind I knew she’d be down with whatever I had planned.

For Cora I made a special little flower to clip to a headband that coordinated perfect with my DIY chenille pastel flag bunting.  I have a bunch of these cute lace petti-rompers that are super stretchy and actually seem quite comfy for the little girls to wear at my studio… and they’re just so stinkin’ cute!!!

Since her mommy’s family is HUGE Nebraska Cornhusker fans, we ALWAYS have to do some cute pictures with red & white and so she had brought along this cute little cheerleader outfit and we had a ball with it.  We also did some with a football (I didn’t post since I already had so many favorites to share … but they were very fun!)

Luckily, Cora was totally fine with changing outfits because we had two more in mind.  A sweet, classic cotton dress that she seemed to love.  Check out the adorable pics of her on the angora rug grabbing her feet.  *sigh* I swoon when babes grab their little footsies.

Lastly a festive pink alpine sweater that her momma likes pairing with this cute gray polka dot bow.  I love her matching pink suede snow boots!  Need to find a pair my size!



MoritzC-002 MoritzC-010 MoritzC-012 MoritzC-014 MoritzC-022 MoritzC-026 MoritzC-030 MoritzC-035 MoritzC-037 MoritzC-041 MoritzC-045

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