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Casey : Senior Portraits : Northwood-Kensett High School

This lovely lady was in one of my very first family portraits I took “professionally”. I had a Canon 35mm film SLR (the EOS Rebel X) and I only had an on-camera flash, and we did it at her grandparent’s home just a few miles from my studio. It was a classic family portrait by the fireplace. Everyone in their Sunday best.

I remember how adorable her older brother looked in his winter sweater, and I already photographed his senior portraits in 2009, and now he’s been asking about wedding portraits (crazy, right?) … but right now it’s Casey’s turn in the limelight.

She was this sweet, shy little girl, and now she’s transformed into this lovely young woman and it makes me so proud to know that after all these years, they still feel like my photography is their favorite.

It just humbles me so much, knowing I’m able to share this gift I’ve been given (professionally) for over a decade now with families. To have that kind of history with a client is surely a gift itself.

For Casey’s senior session, we took some cute indoor portraits and then moved outside to take some images with her gun. I have a great tree house that looks like a log cabin way in back, that I don’t bring many customers to, but it seemed like it would be perfect for the portraits we were trying to create.

On the way back, Casey spotted the cute kittens we had running around by the barn. They are very tame since I have a little boy that loves to play with them and she scooped one up and cuddled it close and with my lightning fast reflexes, I went “click” that was one of my favorite images from the entire session.