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Brielle and Carter : Children’s Portrait Session

This adorable pair are the children of a past bride & groom, just like Aubrey from my post earlier this week. I guess you know you’ve been around a while when your customers are coming back with babies… I already have photographed babies of past high school Seniors as well. I know! … Mind-blowing, isn’t it?

This couple comes all the way up from Humboldt, IA to have me continue to take their family’s portraits. Talk about a loyal, happy customer. Must be doing something right. *wink*

I love these kiddos. I have really enjoyed seeing Carter mature over the last couple years from a toddler/little boy into a “big boy” and adoring older brother. His mommy shares the sweetest stories about things he does on her Facebook page.

With repeat customers it’s always a bit of a challenge to make sure you stay within the style they already know and love, but come up with something new and interesting. I think we did just that with these images. And it’s so nice to have a consistent “look” in your family portraits… they all hang on the wall so nicely together and you can mix and match portraits from different sessions and have them all look amazing together.

I don’t know how some people do it… jumping from photographer to photographer… that would be hard. Not knowing what to expect. Don’t you worry! Call me up. 507-383-2344 I’ll take good care of you. So good, you won’t want to leave. 🙂
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