Life captured beautifully.

Christine + Jeff : A Love Story Session

Happy Monday to all my blog readers out there! I’m sharing some images from a fall session I photographed for the parents of one of my ’12 seniors, Lila. Her parents have been together for a looong time! I want to say 20 years? If I remember right. (Sorry, it’s been a few months since I heard the story, so Christine, feel free to comment if I get something wrong.)
They had Lila together, their only child, and just have been “non-traditional” in the whole “marriage thing”. I’m guessing that kept the spark going… calling someone your boyfriend, significant other, etc. is a little more “fun and young” in my opinion… but there is definitely comfort and a nice ring to the words “husband and wife” if you ask me. 😉
It’s not my place to judge anyone’s life decisions, and you shouldn’t either because it seemed to work just fine for them! But I’m happy to announce that they finally decided to “get hitched!” Of course, they went “non-traditional” with a mid-week wedding and Christine wore the chic light blue lace sheath and Jeff, the linen suit you see below.
I adored working with them and if you scroll down and see the images from the session we captured of Christine and Jeff, you can definitely see they still have that spark, even after tying the knot!







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