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Paul and Linda : aka Dad and Mom : Family Portraits

Well, guess what?! Today is my Mom’s birthday! How fun is that?! I just had lunch with her and my dad to celebrate and I was happy to tell them that I finally finished proofing their portraits that I took earlier this fall.

They were sooo patient with me! I love them so much. You know the old saying about the shoemaker’s kids have holes in their shoes… well, the photographer’s families don’t have as many professional pictures as they should either!
I was happy when my dad asked if they could come down for a session because my mom and him have both been so good the last couple years about exercising and eating healthy. My mom especially has really transformed her body and lost quite a bit of weight! I’m so proud of you, MOM!
It’s only appropriate that we update their old portrait together from 4 years ago.
I just love how these images turned out. My mom has such a great smile and my dad is the biggest sweetheart ever. I can see that in these pictures. Love you both! Happy Birthday Mom!


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