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New Orleans : Combining Work and Play

It’s not good when you feel like you need to apologize each time you start a blog post because it’s been way too long since you posted last… but this time it was for a pretty good reason.
I attended the Professional Photographer’s of America’s national convention called Imaging USA down in New Orleans, Louisiana this month! It was my first time going to this convention although I’ve been drooling over the ads in the Professional Photographer magazine for years now.
In the past I’ve invested my education dollars in conferences that were closer to home, saving me time and money… and honestly, it was just hard knowing I’d be away from my little guy very long. I am responsible for running him up to daycare and preschool, so I didn’t know how Andy would make it all work into his schedule.
But this year, after seeing Imaging would be held in NOLA I decided to finally take the plunge and go. I’m so thankful that my fellow photographer and good friend, Jean Black of Dear Charlie Photography said she’d like to go with. We were able to split the cost of the hotel room and some taxi fares and spend good old quality time together!
New Orleans wouldn’t have been the same without her!

As for the conference… I definitely enjoyed the speakers they chose for the lineup. One of my favorite photographers since I started my business has been Vicki Taufer of V Gallery and she was there speaking. Her program was about simplifying your business and the lessons she learned this past year as her life was changed dramatically.
While in the process of adopting a little girl from Nepal, Vicki and her husband weren’t able to get a visa right away like previously thought. So Vicki ended up living in Nepal for 6 months with their daughter while Jed held down the fort back home. Along with the help of fellow photographer friends they were able to keep the business afloat. But after realizing the pressure of the overhead their business had taken on, they decided they needed to scale back.
I just love that when I listen to Vicki talk, I feel like she’s being genuine. That she’s not sugar-coating her experiences.
Another speaker I enjoyed was Joey L. He is an amazing photographer, younger than I am, who has made a name for himself photographing the cast of shows like Deadliest Roads and Pawn Stars for the History Channel’s promotional items. He seems so adventurous and I admire his tenaciousness and entrepreneurial spirit.
And lastly, I enjoyed the Imaging USA’s trade show. It’s HUGE! Anything you could ever imagine you would want for photography, you can find here!
Tons of great new products and ideas, gorgeous booths displaying it all extremely professionally, and other fun gimmicks to pull you in… like posing for your picture with a python! 🙂
Definitely a great time, had by all.

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