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Been a little quiet on the blog…

Well, I apologized it’s been pretty quiet on the blog lately. I have been working on some photography projects still, even though it’s not the most desirable time of year to do portrait work in the upper Midwest, I’ve had some more unique photo session requests lately. A few different companies needing headshots and a cabinetry carpenter needing some home interior images for his website. That was pretty fun! I spent all day Wednesday, driving around to 7 different homes in the area to photograph kitchens, baths, and other built-ins Mike Songstad’s created.
He does amazing work and I don’t believe he has a website yet, but he will soon! With some rockin’ images too!
I absolutely fell in love with the first kitchen we photographed which had these gorgeous white painted cabinets (which my husband swears we will NEVER have. LOL) and this AMAZING ceiling!

I’m trying my best to tie things up before I head out on Saturday for New Orleans, LA for Imaging USA. That’s right! I’m heading to the Professional Photographer’s of America’s national convention for the first time ever! (It’s about darn time I figure after being at this photography gig professionally for about 9 years now!)
I can’t wait to fly out with my friend Jean Black from Clinton, IA. She is so much fun to be around and I know we will have a blast.
I also have Collin’s 4th Birthday coming up Friday, January 20th. Which just so happens to be the day I come home in the evening! So I’m trying to wrap his presents and get all my supplies for the party I will be holding that Sunday. I have a cake ordered again this year from my favorite cake designer, Kari, at Sugar Chic in Albert Lea, MN so at least I don’t have to worry about that.
Thankfully my daycare gal has offered to make Collin cupcakes for his daycare friends so I just made some cute little toppers for her to use. The only wild-card is my husband, LOL, who is in charge of the treats he will be bringing to Pre-school. 🙂 I asked if he’d have the time or be willing to make cupcakes and he picked out some crazy cookie/brownie cup thing (box mix) that sounds yummy but not what I had in mind, but I guess I have to let go of control sometimes!
Well, there you have it! My life right now is just as busy as it ever was… oh, and it’s tax time, so I have to get my own business documents organized and my husband’s and his employee’s W2’s… sigh! 🙂
Enjoy a few of my home interior images from yesterday!

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