Life captured beautifully.

Erika : Newborn Portrait Session

This little cutie came my way via a gift certificate I donated to the “Get Your Pink On” golf tournament’s silent auction. I always like to help contribute to the local community as much as I can because without my customers, this business I enjoy so much wouldn’t be possible.
So little Miss Erika here didn’t particularly want to fall asleep for me, so we got some great shots while she was awake being held by mom and dad. Then, I told them to go sit down, take a break while I worked my magic getting her to sleep. Let me tell you, when you let a newborn’s parent know they are able to take an hour off while someone capable monitors their baby, they are pretty darn happy to oblige! 🙂
I just love it after I get the baby snoozing and place them perfectly in the basket and the mom comes peeking around the corner and says “That’s amazing!!!” It’s the best feeling ever. (And believe me it takes experience to accomplish. The first few newborns I photographed were not easy!)

Don’t you just love how cute she looks in this bucket? And the alarm clock is set to the time she was born. 🙂
I will be sharing another newborn girl again soon, but for now, enjoy little Erika!

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