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DenHartog-Marty Wedding : 09.03.11 : Clear Lake, IA

I wonder if you’ll remember this cute couple from their engagement session, posted not too long ago. They were very comfortable in front of my camera then, so I knew we would have plenty of fun on the wedding day.
The blessed event was scheduled to be outside at Central Gardens, a beautiful venue I where I had a wedding earlier this year… so I already had a good idea of what I had done before and what I might do different this time around.
The weather was pretty iffy in the morning, with the scattered rain showers and clouds looming, but when the couple arrived for portraits prior to the ceremony, we got lucky and were able to get some great shots of them together.
Then, it started raining! Ugh! 😛 And you know, a girl does not want to get her hair wet on her wedding day. Especially after she paid good money and spent an hour or more at a salon getting it just right. So, off we ran, to hide under the umbrellas and the slightly sheltered area under the pavilion deck.
It wasn’t long before we had another break in the weather and we hustled to get some shots of the wedding party, and a few family portraits before we were hit with another shower.

Thank goodness, we had one more break in the weather when we were able to finish up the family portraits before all heck broke loose and it really started raining.
Good thing I’m a very laid-back, go with the flow, kind of person, because that kind of thing would have drove other photographers crazy! LOL!
Luckily, the lady who is in charge of unlocking the pavilion for events, noticed the weather and had the insight to come an hour early to unlock the building because it was really starting to get wet.
While everyone crossed their fingers and waited for 4pm to arrive, I kept myself busy taking some neat close-ups of the rings and the details that the bride and her mom worked so hard on.
They really embraced their astrology themed wedding. Check out these amazing programs! Folded and cut in the shape of a crescent moon! Everything had such personalized touches. The bubbles had tons of little star stickers all over them, her nails were navy blue with silver tips and rhinestones…
and the cake, oh my goodness!!! It was awesome, half sun/half moon, with all the astrology symbols in medallions around the side. Their placecards even had hand-drawn constellations on the back. Very cool!

I am constantly amazed at the creativity of my brides and the personal touches they take the time to create to make their wedding day even more special for everyone involved.
Unfortunately, come 4pm, it was still raining and not looking like it was going to end anytime soon… so the wedding party and close family packed up, messaged friends, and headed to the reception location at Best Western for the ceremony.
While it wasn’t what Kelsea and Troy had hoped for as far as the ceremony location, it was still a beautiful service. In the comfort of the ballroom, the couple exchanged vows and everyone was able to enjoy the reception decor.

After the ceremony, the rain stopped, and the wedding party was able to take a fun trip around Clear Lake, IA on the vintage trolley. A perfect end to a wonderful day!

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