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Parker : Senior Session : Mason City High School

I was thrilled to have Cher and her second son, Parker, in the studio again this year. Her oldest, Tyler, came to have his senior portraits last year and so I felt totally confident knowing that they loved my work and wanted more!
It’s so nice when you really start to know your client’s personal tastes. It makes everything so much easier and I can relax knowing what they expect and that I can provide them with images they will love.
Parker is just the cutest name. And he’s just the sweetest guy with good looks to match!
I’m wondering if it’s a requirement for quarterbacks to be handsome?
Remembering back to my high school days, it seemed like it was always one of the hottest guys in the class… and then look at the guys in the pros… Mmmmm! 😉
And here is Parker! Handsome little devil!
We also had fun shooting some on-location around Northwood, IA and just taking it easy since we had such a perfect day.
I hope they love these just as much as Tyler’s session… I have a pretty good feeling they will!

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