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Ryan + Christine : Wedding Portraits : Humboldt, IA

This wedding was held on my 30th birthday, June 25th. So I knew it was going to be a great day from the minute I woke up! 🙂
Some people might think it’s odd that I’d want to work at a wedding (all day) on my birthday, but in my opinion it’s one of the most fun things I could possibly do! I mean sure, out of any of the different types of photography I do, it’s definitely the hardest/most work… but it’s also one of the most rewarding because I’m being given a great privilege. I am still honored every time someone requests me to take their wedding portraits.
…Back to the wedding at hand…
It was a beautiful day! Absolutely perfect weather. The ceremony was in Humboldt at Faith United Methodist Church. It has a nice, open sanctuary and a nice, simple alter. They even changed the wall hangings to coordinate with Christine’s chosen colors! I thought that was pretty awesome.
After the ceremony, this very casual, laid-back wedding party rode on a flat bed trailer pulled by a pickup truck. After a stop at their favorite down-town bar, The Prowler, they were ready for some more fun photos! (The Prowler is pretty neat, by the way, they have doors that open so that it turns into an open-air bar and with the pool right next door there’s a cool breeze… plus, don’t forget the bubble machine! What’s more fun than bubbles??)
After a round or two of drinks, we headed on to some prime Humboldt hot spots for more portrait fun!

For the reception, the couple chose Rustix Restaurant, also in Humboldt, which provided a delicious dinner and amazing atmosphere.
It was a very fun reception, and the wedding party was so welcoming I could have stayed all night, but my feet were hurting and I was ready to head home.
Thanks to Ryan and Christine for making sure I got cake on my birthday… (even if it wasn’t technically a cake for me) 🙂

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