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Studio Improvements : Landscaping 101

Well, I just have to say that I really love the creative process of coming up with a concept and landscape design. I love shopping for the flowers and trying to find just the right colors, heights, textures… I even love the initial feeling of getting out my trowel and working in the dirt… but that moment is fleeting and soon I was left wondering… “Why on earth anyone would do this for fun???”

In this picture I’m smiling, but I was really wanting to curse the person that told me to use landscaping plastic… it’s such a pain to cut a hole in (don’t want to cut too big of a hole since that would kind of defeat the purpose) then try to hold the stuff back while digging… then try to fit the dirt in around the plant while the plastic is blocking the way and trying not to get too much dirt on top of the plastic.
Ugh! Hopefully it will all be worth it though! That’s what I kept telling myself as I slaved away. I got just over half finished and then took a break and finished the rest on Tuesday. I think it would have been fine if I had a competent adult to help me. Little Collin tried to be my helper, but it wasn’t exactly the help I needed. Luckily Andy took him to have some fun while I finished up. I did sort of have the hang of it by the time I got to the last four or five plants. LOL!
Enjoy the pictures! Once again, I was using the timer on the ones that I’m in…

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