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Studio Improvements : Good to have friends

I’m so thankful for my friends. They are always there for me when I need a hand. And you probably remember the shoveling I did a month or two ago… trying to make a walk-way. I put that on hold while I waited patiently for my husband to have the tractor home because he insisted he could do it and it would be much easier.
Well, it seemed like everyone needed the tractor and they all had higher priority than I did! LOL! Good thing we are friends with Dave and Dawn Clausen who have a skid-loader that they very generously brought down and helped me finally move a significant amount of grass and dirt.
Dave and Dawn are long-time friends and Collin’s God-parents. They had me photograph their daughter’s wedding and are always happy to have us stop by and visit. Dave can always talk Andy into relaxing and having a drink. Which, believe me, isn’t that easy to do!
So, back to business.

Dave worked his magic while we watched from under the porch. Collin sure got a kick out of the commotion. I was so relieved to have it finally dug out so I could get started on my landscaping. (I think this might be one of those “be careful what you wish for moments” LOL! We will see!)
P.S. Collin was so cute, hanging on to Ruby for dear life in the one picture. He was afraid she might get run over. Awww. So sweet.

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