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Uriah : Newborn Portrait Session

Remember cute, little, two-year-old Quentin? And his beautiful, pregnant mommy? Well, I’m pleased to introduce Uriah, the newest member to their family, to you!
Isn’t he just as cute as a button? I am so happy to have him in my studio, with both he and mom looking like the picture of health. It was a bit of a tricky birth for her with an emergency c-section after being sent home a few times from one hospital and finally changing hospitals at the last minute to find someone that would actually listen to her. Thank God that they are both doing so well.
I am always amazed at the little miracles that all newborns are. Big brother, Quentin, is pretty enchanted with his little bro. Isn’t this picture of them so cute! I love how he’s clapping his hands. It wasn’t easy getting him to pose next to his newborn brother, but I did get a couple other shots where he’s right next to him, serious and smiling… but I love these spontaneous ones. He was so proud of himself for doing what we were asking. I’m sure he’ll be a great helper for his mommy this coming year.
After some intimate family portraits, Daddy and Quentin went back home and we focused on just newborn photos. I had four or five different set-ups ready and his mommy brought along some things that were special to them that we incorporated as well.
I am very pleased with all the amazing images we achieved during the session. I had a full house with dad, mom, the two boys and grandma coming up from Clear Lake, IA to help. Grandma and mommy were in awe of my ability to get Uriah to sleep in baskets. They were joking that they needed to buy one for him to sleep in at home. LOL!
Words can’t express how thankful I am to have such great customers like Uriah’s mommy. She just gushes every time I talk to her about how much she loves my work. It makes all the hard work and time away from my own son, so worthwhile.

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