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First step : Working toward a photo garden

Since I went full time about three years ago, I’ve had the strong urge, each spring, to do more landscaping and gardening and bring more flowers to my yard-scape.
The first year after I went full time, Collin was born and Andy built the studio out of what used to be my half of the garage. (Actually it was my stall and the stall for his smaller truck… which he NEVER will let me forget! 😉 LOL!)
Then the next year I was still trying to learn how to juggle work and family with a one year old. Oh, and furnish the studio! But I finally felt like I gained that “balance” late-spring last year, but didn’t get the ball rolling early enough with the landscaping.
Well, technically I did get Andy to build a deck for me late last summer, but it’s not quite finished yet. (Not even close actually…)
Andy did instruct me I to wait until Spring before I attempted to paint the deck (otherwise the treated lumber would tinge it green).
I’ve also been patiently waiting for the guys to come back and put the roof on my deck, but I might be waiting a bit longer.
In the meantime, I had this incredible urge to buy some flowering perennials the other day when I was in Home Depot to exchange a track lighting fixture I had that didn’t work… and walked out an hour later with just over $100 worth of flowers, cedar mulch, potting soil… and most importantly… INSPIRATION!
I got the flowers on Friday (April 29th) and wanted to plant them right away that day, but needed to get a plan in my head of where the best place would be. Also, I came to the realization that although it seemed like I had a lot in my cart and in my car… in my yard, it won’t make much of a dent! 😛
But it’s a start!
And one of my favorite quotes of all time is: “Imperfect action beats perfect inaction! Every time!”
So, today, after much thought I lugged out the old garden tiller (which was a chore in itself – considering it was buried back in Andy’s shed) and I got the beast started all on my own! *insert huge beaming smile of pride*
Then, it was off to the races! I just held on tight to that baby and rode it like a bucking bronco until I had the top layer of grass loosened up enough so I could scoop it up with my shovel.
The shoveling was the hardest part. But I didn’t mind it much. I am a farm girl at heart and love a good workout although I’m thinking my back might be reminding me how I’m not really a farm girl anymore, tomorrow.
And that’s where I stopped. So I could have time to blog about this and decide my next step of action.
I plan on placing my arbor/trellis on the left side of the deck (where the path currently ends. And eventually continuing the path on down the hill. It was too windy to just place it there today so you could see what I’m planning and I’m thinking I’ll make sure Andy’s around to help me get that snug in the ground.
But, I must say it was much easier than I feared it would be. (I know, I know, it’s far from done) Funny how we think something will be so much work (like re-painting a room) until we actually get out the stuff and DO IT.
Can’t wait to share more! I’ll keep you posted!

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Inspiration! (Love my watering can!!)