Life captured beautifully.

Carys : One Year Old : Toddler Portrait Session

I have seriously enjoyed working with this little sweetheart and her family over the course of the last year to capture all her milestones.
You just don’t realize how fast time flies until you have kids or are close to young children, in my opinion.
It seems like time is just dragging on until you see a child you haven’t seen in a while and you’re amazed at how much they’ve changed and you realize just how much time keeps changing things. Maybe I’m getting a little too philosophical here! 🙂
So, we met again to capture one-year portraits… and I just have to say that this little darling has the best wardrobe around. I think she honestly has more shoes than I do!
Isn’t this ivory dress just amazing? She looks like a Rembrandt painting. Her creamy skin is perfect. I didn’t do a bit of retouching.
The little pink petti-romper is a new prop of mine that I was dying to try out. She totally worked it! LOVE LOVE LOVE her little chubby legs.
The leg-warmers are also mine… we made an impromptu ballet bar and she just posed like a prima ballerina!
I make this look easy, but it wasn’t easy getting her to stay in one place for long. She’s not walking yet, but she sure is speedy on her knees! I just had to get a cute crawling shot to remember it.
And finally, I love the little white dress with the pink polka dots. I got the best closeup in that outfit. Don’t those sweet little blue eyes melt your heart?!
(Absolutely no photoshop on those suckers… I don’t like to mess with way people’s eyes look naturally… guess it should be expected since I use the slogan “Real.Life.Photography”.)
I really hope you enjoy! I know I sure did!

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