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Baby Evelyn : Newborn Portrait Session

Little Miss Evelyn’s mommy and I have been working together for a while now. Since her older brother, Easton was just a newborn, I think. It’s hard to believe he’s two now! Where does the time go?
Last week, we captured some new portraits of Easton for his second birthday, and some of the whole family with the newest addition to their family: Evelyn Faye.
Honestly, I was a little worried having to shoot photos of Easton, the whole family, and newborn portraits all at the same session. I figured we’d wear the poor little girl out by the time we got to her individual pictures and/or we’d have to be tending to her while trying to get Easton’s pictures taken… but Evelyn was just a dream! She waited patiently in her carseat while we tried to coax her big brother who was in a spunky mood 🙂 into loving on his puppy toys.
I have to tell you… I’m so thankful she was able to be there, because she had her whole family and friends worried for a while. Little Miss Evelyn was born on 1-11-11, and surprised everyone by coming 6 weeks early. She had to stay in the NICU for 4 weeks before going home. Once home, she was gaining weight and thriving like a normal newborn baby for about three weeks until she suddenly became sick. She contracted RSV, Pnemonia and had a bacterial blood infection all at once and ended up on life support.
It was a very scary time and there were lots of prayers sent.
Thankfully, she came home on March 31st and we were able to schedule a newborn (3 month) shoot not long after that.
She is such a little angel and she definitely had angels looking out for her, so we had to use my angel wings in a picture. Also, she’s such a little peanut… so I dug out this old scale that I purchased over a year ago that I never used yet to create a really neat vintage-y shot. Like it??

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