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On top of trends : Rebecca Lynne Photography

As a professional photographer who is making a living running a boutique-style studio I feel it is extremely important to stay on top of trends not only in photography, but also in fashion and interior design. This is a relatively enjoyable task for me considering these are two of my top passions, right after – you guessed it – photography! LOL!
The first product I’d like to share with you are some amazing new frames that are very unique. I haven’t seen anything like it in retail stores yet, but as you will see… they are awesome… and I’m sure it won’t be long until there are dozens of copycats… but these guys are among the first and I’m going to wager among the best to offer this type of custom product.
The company is called Organic Bloom and I believe a customer of mine mentioned them to me and soon after, I noticed lots of little facebook ads featuring them. I immediately “Liked” the page last winter and inquired about becoming a distributor for them early last winter. Right away, I wanted to strip my walls and update them with new portrait art featured in these incredible frames. But, since I had just updated with several large gallery wraps just a couple months before, I’ve been holding out… but not much longer. They are just the coolest. Don’t you agree? (Let me know in the comments or on Facebook)

I love the stacked frames, where there is one fit inside another. It adds so much interest to the presentation. I know, I know, in the past I have been all about the simple, timeless black frame… but I really think these will stand the test of time. At least in my home.
I haven’t really offered any other styles until now because I found it a little pointless for me to try to offer a product that could easily be duplicated for much less through a store like Hobby Lobby (one of my favorite places – btw) 🙂 But this, this is what I am always craving for in my boutique business. Something totally unique.
And the best part, they are really well priced! That’s the cherry on top, imo. I am always willing to pay more for a unique, custom product… but when they’re priced competitively, that’s when I want to sing!
So, there you go. I have blabbered on enough about these great frames. Stay tuned for my next post to find out the second product I’m dying to share. Here’s a hint… custom jewelry!!! (Unlike anything you’ve seen before!)

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