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Rob : Senior Portrait Session

I am really pumped to share these images because when Rob’s mom first called me, she said I would probably only be photographing her son in a couple outfits… if we were lucky. LOL! Sounds about normal, right?
So imagine my surprise as Rob pulls one shirt after another out of his duffel bag. Oh, and he brought a couple guitars and an amp! Gotta love it!
The weather that day was gorgeous and was totally lifting my mood and we spent almost two hours shooting before we gave in and called it good.
I even tried out a new “location” at my studio, let me describe it to you. *Blush* Uuhhh, yeah… so last year I just so managed to burn up a large part of our yard by *cough* accident… and that event left a really big, really cool hollowed out stump (which I want to add, was already dead from being struck by lighting).
Well anyway, I’d had it in the back of my mind to use it for pictures ever since, but I just was waiting for the right person to take advantage of the opportunity.
I knew right away that Rob and his mom were totally laid back and up for anything. I laughed when Rob told his mom “Just let her do her thing!” LOVED IT.
Anyway, here you go!

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