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Ruth : Newborn Portrait Session

I was thrilled to have a newborn girl in my studio. It seems like I’ve been photographing boy, after boy, and as much as I love my boys… it’s nice to be able to use all my cute headbands, flowers and blankets.
So I was totally pumped to hear that Ruthie’s mom wanted me to photograph her daughter as a newborn. We scheduled the appointment as quick as we could because Ruth was already a month old and I always recommended newborn session be done within the first 10 days… but like I’ve said before… it’s never too late to get some great portraits taken.
We just had to work extra hard to get Ruthie to sleep, but when she finally did… AHHH!.. Magic! I was totally pumped about using these old windows I got at the Painted Porch in Medford, MN. I bought them last fall and never could make up my mind how I wanted to use them. I had lots of ideas but just never committed to any of them, and now I know why. This picture needed them! So shabby chic. *grin*
I love, love, love baby girls. I am starting to want one… they make me so happy. And shopping for them is soooo much fun!
Okay, okay, I will go before I babble on any more.

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