Life captured beautifully.

Emily : Senior Portrait Session

Miss Emily was a little bit late in getting her senior portraits taken, but it was well worth the wait! I was totally charged up and ready to get my camera smoking after meeting Em.
She is so adorable! And she totally lit up in front of my camera. She knows how to work it!!! 🙂 ANTM, watch out! … and if you don’t know what ANTM stands for… uhhh… look it up! Just kidding! It’s America’s Next Top Model… ala Tyra Banks… gotta love watching those episodes. I’m a total addict.
Anyway, I digress.
So little Miss thang here and her sista had fun at my studio. I think they got the most entertainment out of watching me fight with my stupid ihome radio because I was too lazy to run in the house and get my ipod. LOL! Gotta have tunes when you shoot. It’s absolutely essential to creativity.
That, and it makes people laugh listening to me sing along.
Well, gotta go. Adios amigos! (Man, sorry for the crazy post. I’m just so charged up today!!! I love this weather!!!)

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